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Insurance Tips

Most of us shudder when the word insurance is mentioned. It is undoubtedly a necessity in this day and age but we all know someone who has a horror story to tell about making insurance claims.

Inspecting Your Dream Home

For most people buying a home is a big decision and when it’s an established property in your sights, you need to feel secure and comfortable about your choice.

Home Indemnity Insurance

Home indemnity insurance provides cover on residential work exceeding $20,000 and includes Construction of a dwelling, placing a dwelling on land, pergolas, sheds, dwelling improvements and renovations as well as landscaping associated with this work.

Gas Safety

Barbecues that are designed and approved for outdoor use must not be installed indoors.

Floor Heating

Electric heating is available through various systems. In contrast to electric fan heaters and under floor or in-floor heating, there is a new way of heating available: electric floor surface heating.

Fire Safety for the Home

More than 1/3 of house fires occur during the months of June, July and August accounting for half the annual death toll.

Fire Safety & Your Furnishings

Fires in houses usually start from the contents rather than in the structure of the building.

Efficient Wood Heating

The key to clean and efficient wood heating is not just installing an efficient wood heater, it is also operating the heater correctly.

Essential Electrical Safety in the Home

Children require continuous reminders about the dangers of electricity and the electricity/water combination. At least one child each month in Australia is killed due to electrical shock and the most common place for this to occur is the home.