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A Shore Thing

This Trigg home was created to allow its owners to feel like they were enjoying a seaside getaway


Designed to get the most out of coastal living, this gorgeous beach house is the epitome of casual elegance.

Designed by Fab Marion and built by Coast Homes, the weatherboard cladding and sandy-hued freeform stonework on the exterior of the home give a hint of the vibe inside.

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An expansive void just inside the entrance of the home is the first sign of the airy, bright and light interiors beyond.

White pepper polished concrete throughout the ground floor of the family home was chosen for its durability, making returning home from the beach with sandy feet a stress-free proposition.

North-facing raked ceilings and windows in the living and alfresco areas create beautiful volume and fill the home with natural light year round.

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Fab says the home is designed to cater for the needs of a growing family.

“These days, kids are staying at home longer and with that in mind, a lot of emphasis has been put into the kids’ zone, with each bedroom having its own walk-in robe and ensuite,” he says.

There are areas for communal living and separate zones for each generation to retreat to so that everyone can find a place to do their thing without disturbing one another.

“The feeling we wanted to create for this home was as though you’re enjoying a seaside getaway, every day,” Fab says.

The luxury resort-style main suite features an expansive dressing room and ensuite to a curved shower with roof window, allowing the occupants to look up at the sky. And to further enhance the resort feel, there was plenty of attention given to outside living too.

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An above-ground infinity pool showcases natural Donnybrook stone.

“These are just some of the features that make you feel like you’re on holiday,” Fab says.

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Picture: Photography Project

The many rich textures used in the home also help to bring a sense of warmth and comfort.

Fab says he felt the use of natural freeform stone on the inside and outside was important to provide a connection to the coast. It is paired with timber finished in different ways to create interest and warmth.

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“We really wanted to move away from colour and create texture instead,” he says.

“The vertical groove cabinetry to the kitchen and open timber shelving creates an easy-living feel. The raked ceilings are a traditional approach to creating volume inside the home.

“The fireplace recess clad with stone is designed to draw you in and have you sitting on the couch beside the fireplace to enjoy a wine and conversation.”

Other details are designed to reflect the coast.

“The curve in the floor between the timber floor in the dressing room and tiles to the ensuite create a “wave” pattern just like the ocean,” Fab says.

“The deep blue mosaic tiling in the curved ensuite shower is meant to create the feeling of being underwater.”

Fab says that with heating and cooling becoming more expensive, there is an increased emphasis on houses being as solar passive as possible.

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“It is a big consideration now, to not only have a light-filled home, but to reduce energy bills.

“The northern raked ceilings take natural light to another level but importantly allow the winter sun to heat up the polished concrete and passively heat the home in winter against those cooler temperatures. The home boasts a 6.5-star rating which is excellent for such a large home.”