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Adding a residential lift can help future proof your abode by ensuring ease of access


If you’re in the midst of an extensive new build or renovation, you don’t need to be reminded that it takes a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears to create the home of your dreams. From planning to execution, creating your dream home may be exceptionally worthwhile but it’s also incredibly draining.

Many studies show that it’s often a lot cheaper in the long run to upgrade your existing home than it is to look for a new place. So if you’re in the midst of a renovation or new build, the experts agree that the best thing you can do is future proof. Put everything you need in place from the start to ensure you can stay in that gorgeous abode you have created for as long as possible.

Incorporating a lift in a residential dwelling was once considered an extravagance. These days it’s considered sensible and could even save you money in the long run.

Picture: Easy Living Home Elevators

Picture: Easy Living Home Elevators

If you’re renovating or building a multi-storey property, a lift is completely within reach, even if space is tight. There are many options available to suit all situations.

Including a lift now could very well mean you can stay in your home for longer, rather than being forced to move to a single-storey dwelling if stairs become too difficult to navigate.

George Papos, from Altitude Lifts, says: “As we grow older, certain things that were once easy or even a slight inconvenience can become a major issue in our lives”.

“Ascending or descending stairs can be one of those unavoidable things in your home that can become quite an obstacle. Perhaps so much so, moving into a single-level home or living downstairs may look like your only option”.

“Altitude Lifts has been helping customers with a range of products designed to eliminate the need to struggle with stairs. These products fall into three main categories – compact residential lifts, stairlifts and platform lifts.”

Picture: Altitude Lifts

Andrew Burke, from West Coast Elevators, says residential lifts are becoming increasingly common in homes across Perth.

“If mobility issues are making it difficult for you to stay in your multi-level home, a residential lift can solve the problem for less than the cost of stamp duty if you were to move,” he says.

Picture: West Coast Elevators

Residential lifts are an excellent way to add value to your property and improve the comfort of your home at the same time, according to Dijana Vojvodic, from Easy Living Home Elevators.

“Designed to enhance mobility, they are perfect for those who may be nearing retirement but don’t want to downsize their home,” she says. “After all, when you spend so much time renovating your property and making it just as you want it, it hardly makes sense to sell up for something smaller.”

“But if you’re still young and the thought of needing an elevator is far in the future, investing in a home lift could significantly enhance your selling power. Australia has an ageing population, which means that homes with custom-designed elevators would be hot property for elderly buyers.”

Picture: Easy Living Home Elevators

Picture: Easy Living Home Elevators