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Our top tips for choosing and displaying artwork in your home


The Montauk Lighting Co.

There’s probably no better way to stamp your own style on your home than with the right artwork. But many people struggle to choose the right pieces and often don’t know how best to display it.

Here are our top tips for displaying artwork;

  • Don’t look for trend-driven pieces. If you have a modest budget, choose pieces that you connect with because you like the look of them. Maybe you appreciate the colours used, or you like the subject matter. Select something that works with your own personal style, rather than because it is popular.
  • If you have money to invest, talk to a dealer. Research emerging and established artists so your investment is sound. Make sure your piece is certified and signed.
  • Decide what space you will hang the art in before you look. That way you will know which size will work best and if you are looking for a vertical or horizontal piece.
  • If it will sit near a window or in a sun-drenched location, be mindful of the medium used. Some pieces can fade if exposed to too much sun.
  • The perfect place to hang art is at eye level. The picture should take up more than half of the available space, otherwise it will look too small. If you are doing a cluster of smaller pictures, the sum of all the pictures should take up most of the available space.
  • If the art will hang above furniture, make sure there’s a suitable clearance. As a general rule, allow about 20cm. If the piece is to sit above a buffet or credenza, ensure the two relate to each other.