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Boho Eclectic

Interior Designer Rebecca Sheridan advises how to create a bohemian look by collecting pieces that resonate


Q. What is the Boho Eclectic style?

A. It is based on the concept of collecting pieces over time – mixing antique with new, different designs and materials, and combining varied patterns, textiles and art to create a truly unique and unconventional style.

Q: What sort of things characterise it?

A: Adding in colours and patterns in cushions and wall hangings to give a bold and exotic feel. Adding in materials that are inspired by nature, such as plants, wooden pieces, leather, wicker and woven decorative items. Including some chic elements such as brass lighting or velvet or ruffled fabrics. Mixing and matching furniture with baskets, pottery, ottomans, glassware, layered rugs and a collection of art will set the style of a carefree decorator.

Q: Where did the trend originate from?

A: This loose, eclectic style originated in France in the 19th century. The term “bohemian” was used to describe the unconventional group of wanderers, travellers and gypsies. It is also used to describe non-conforming people such as artists, writers, musicians and actors, and those who had a different viewpoint on political and social ideas.

As many of these groups travelled and were not financially wealthy, they would find furniture and pieces as necessary and over time. Many pieces were collected from their travels. This bohemian style had a resurgence during the 70s, with many groups abandoning a conventional lifestyle.

Q: Are we seeing this style in Perth and if so, why?

A: Yes. I feel there is a movement in Perth to get away from the staged look of home styling and furnishing that we have grown accustomed to for so long. With furniture styles being mass produced and overly scrutinised whether they are “right” or “wrong”, it can leave people wanting to create a really personal style that allows them to collect pieces that they really love for whatever reason.

There is freedom in this decorating style as it evolves over time. With so many people travelling and seeing the many decorative styles around the world, this eclectic style enables them to abandon any rules of what their home should look like and collect pieces that feel right to them.

Q: What are some of the ways people can incorporate this look into their own home?

A: I would suggest being thrifty and head to secondhand stores, markets or Gumtree. If you already have some basic staple furniture in your home, you can easily add styling pieces such as indoor plants, a decorative pendant light, a great tapestry wall hanging or artworks.

Look for a colourful mix of cushions that have an impressive print or woven detail. Throw some rugs on the floor and add some detail and colour in your decorative pieces that you style with.