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Bricks make their mark

Feature bricks come in a variety of colours and textures to customise your exterior and interior spaces


Passionate homeowners spend a lot of time exploring all the options for their interiors in a bid to personalise their space because let’s face it, everyone likes to feel unique. And now it’s entirely possible to personalise the front of your home as well thanks to a surge in the popularity of feature bricks.

“Feature bricks are exactly that: an aesthetic feature meant to stand out from their surroundings,” Midland Brick’s Alf D’Angelo says. “They can be used to enhance or balance colour palettes, create drama or a point of difference, and capture the eye. Think of the classic New York apartment building – what would they be without their ubiquitous exposed feature bricks?

“At Midland Brick, we have a large range of sizes, colours and textures available; for example, our Contempo range is slimline at 47mm high x 290mm long, with rich colours and a smooth finish, while our two-course Manor range is 162mm high x 290mm long and comes in a range of classic colours ranging from lightly dappled creams to deep, textured chocolates.

“We also have our Coda brick, which was developed in collaboration with a local architectural firm. Coda plays with texture and depth of field and is easily the most unique brick in our range.”

Brikmakers also has a range of feature bricks that offer unique finishes and distinct colours guaranteed to catch the eye. They’re perfect for front facades and highlighting architectural features.

“Our face bricks exude the characteristics that West Australians are famous for – they’re warm, welcoming and can brighten up any home,” Claire Perks from Brikmakers says.

Slimline bricks make great feature bricks when used on a facade.

“They can be laid in half bond, third bond or stack bond styles in single or blended colours to create some really interesting walls with distinctive features,” Claire says. “They are a great product for homeowners to include in their building or renovations to add unique touches of personality and creativity.

“Just like standard bricks, slimline bricks have a versatility to create a variety of looks from sleek, smooth architectural lines to an industrial recycled look if the products are a tumbled variety.”

To find out more, visit Midland Brick and Brikmakers or visit the showrooms at Home Base.