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Choosing The Right Glass

The team from Jason Windows and Glass and Window Association of WA President Peter Den Boer offer some expert advice on selecting glass


In understanding how to choose the right glass for your home you need to be aware of all your different lifestyle choices which will be impacted by your glass choice. Here are some questions for you to consider:

What do you want each room to do?

Go through every room in your home or on your plans and make a note of what the main function of that room will be. For example, it might be a living space or perhaps something more private like a master bedroom or bathroom.

What type of light do you want to provide?

Glass windows and doors can control the amount of natural light that enters your home, depending on the opening size and the orientation of the opening. For example, bedrooms with east facing windows will capture the morning sun and be cool in the evening.

Do you want to reduce your energy bills?

Glass can be used to naturally warm a room in the winter and keep it cool in the summer, lowering the use of your air conditioner. Poor choice of glass can cause a home’s heating energy to be lost in winter and gained in summer. It’s worth putting the effort in now to ensure you choose the right glass from the start. By simply choosing a Low E glass for living spaces facing north, you can improve the insulation of your home significantly.

Is outside noise a concern, or do you need to contain noise in any of your rooms?

If you live near a main road, then you may wish to limit traffic noise entering your home. Acoustic glass can reduce noise levels without sacrificing your view. Alternatively, you may need to consider acoustic glass to help keep noise contained in one area of the home such as a theatre room which is close to a neighbours fence line.

How important is security?

If security is high on your priority list, then it’s worth considering security glass which provides additional resistance to breakages. Security glass allows you to enjoy comfort and safety without limiting natural light or view.

Do you have furnishings you wish to protect from fading?

Curtains and furniture fabrics can fade over time from exposure to UV radiation. If you plan on having a dining suite or sofa lounge near a large opening, then consider a glass type that offers UV protection.

Can I afford to upgrade my glass?

The three properties of glass which impact the cost are thickness, performance and size. The thicker the glass, the capability of the glass and the larger the glass, the more expensive it will be. Once you have thought about how you will be using each room in your home, you can then start noting what your biggest priorities are to help decide which glass upgrade you can live without to meet your budget constraints.

Where to from here?

Once you have been through the above questions and outlined your requirements, you are ready to talk to your glass representative about the right choice of glass for your home.

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