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Creative Options For Surfaces

Exciting surface options for creating beautiful benchtops, walls and floors


Design-savvy homemakers are always on the lookout for new and exciting products to add the wow factor to their residences. In line with the strong trend for clean and natural interiors, a sintered compact surface which can be used on floors, walls and to create benchtops, is fast turning heads across the country.

CDK Stone’s Paul Baumanis says Neolith is a material from Europe.

“It’s very tough so very resistant to abrasion, breakage, staining, heat or UV bleaching,” he says.

The product is made in large sheets which means less joins are required.

The large size is user-friendly and it can be used indoors and outdoors, for floors and walls, and for residential and commercial projects.

“There’s a range of over 40 colours and four different surface finishes and designs that are quite unique from rustic steel through to marble. Beton and Estatuario are definitely on trend at the moment,” Paul says.

“It is about half the weight per square metre than some other materials. Being much stronger than other materials means it’s supplied in sheets that are half the thickness, so it is much easier to handle.”

Keith Benness, from the GBI Group, says a product called Laminam offers exceptional performance in all areas of solid applications, including interior architectural design, building construction and furniture.

“Thanks to its revolutionary physical and mechanical properties, Laminam is ideal for horizontal and vertical application, both internally and externally,” he says.

“Owing to the perfect flatness of the slabs and easy handling, Laminam is a material with unique and creative architectural qualities for interiors and design.”

He says the average price of Laminam products is not much higher than that of common porcelain products, even though many people considered its performance and aesthetic features to be superior.

“Laminam is widely accepted in the local commercial industry, through the knowledge of designers specifying the product,” he says.

“However the residential market has been slow to embrace the product mostly because it is not well known.”

Keith says with sheet sizes of 3000mm x 1000mm and thicknesses available in 3.5mm and 5mm, the product made it possible to use large ceramic surfaces in previously unthinkable applications.

“Laminam is available in a wide range of colours and finishes, with 14 collections and 108 surfaces to choose from. Laminam surfaces draw inspiration from raw, natural and innovative materials,” he says.

“Laminam’s natural stone-inspired collections are becoming very popular in the marketplace, as they are very aesthetically appealing and much easier to maintain than the real materials.”