Lacina Wood Art

Solid wooden sinks and furniture – handcrafted using traditional techniques

Thanks to the synergy between technology and hand-crafted excellence, Lacina Wood Art create original pieces in their Perth workshop, capturing the inimitable beauty of nature.

With years of experience and using only the best quality materials, the outer layer of their basins prevent water ingress. They offer a 10 year warranty for every product – just the beginning of the path to the perfection of these wooden basins, perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms and in alfresco areas.

Ground timbers such as Jarrah, Sheoak, Salmon Gum, Marri can be used to create the pieces. The basins are shaped and sized according to the decor and customer preferences. Every product is absolutely original and marked by burning a unique code and company logo into the wood.

Each piece is made to order and the Lacina Wood Art team can also craft an all-wood bathtub or spa. They take time to ensure their traditional methods are upheld and offer free assembly and regular maintenance once a year (within the warranty period), performed by specially trained staff.