Unique Venetian

Venetian plastering for interiors and exteriors – created by master craftsmen

Perfect for classic or contemporary styles, Venetian plaster is an investment in the overall quality of your home.

The Unique Venetian team are experts in Venetian polished plaster, and have spent more than 10 years mastering the craft of creating captivating ceilings and walls for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, feature walls, alfresco areas and commercial spaces.

Finishes in the range include the marble-like Marmarino Natural range, the raw concrete cement finish created by Tonachino raw plaster and the timeless Marrakesh raw lime plaster finish.

Also available is Otsumigaki – a Japanese lime and clay plaster which will age beautifully and offers a pearly lustre finish.

The Unique Venetian products are free from harmful chemicals and are breathable – meaning they won’t fade, blister or crack. All Venetian polished plaster finishes are timeless, requiring no maintenance.