New Home Building Brokers

Independents assisting clients during every step of the building process

By sharing their extensive knowledge of the building process with their clients, NHBB are able to turn a potentially stressful experience into one that is both enjoyable and stress free, delivering a positive outcome for all parties involved.

They streamline the building processes with custom software, minimising construction delays, ensuring budgets are met and reducing the potential for cost blow-outs, potentially saving you tens of thousands off your build price.

NHBB assist clients at every stage of the home building process. They regularly come into contact with clients  at various stages of the building process and are unsure where to turn after their project has been derailed, usually by home design cost blowouts, a dispute with the building contractor, difficulty with council approvals or even a builder going under.

Where the team can make the biggest difference is by helping you take control of your build from the start, before you even talk to a builder.

That’s why they say ‘Talk to us before you talk to a builder’.