AAC Building Supplies – Fortified Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Fortfied AAC panels for second storey flooring and exterior walls

Constructed from the same materials as traditional concrete cement and reinforced with steel, the fortified panels from AAC Building Supplies retain the solid feel of heavy masonry, yet are able to be used as part of a lightweight build.

With thousands of tiny bubbles throughout the cement, the panels are not only lightweight, but have a high thermal and acoustic performance and are easy to install as part of a timber or steel frame. They are also made to very exacting dimensions – meaning less waste and a lot less on-site mess to clean up.

The panels are fully biodegradable as the main part can be crushed down to powder form and reused in road base and the steel melted and reused, making them a substantial eco-friendly choice.

AAC panels are ideal for owner-builders and established building companies alike, or anyone looking for an alternative building product to mainstream brick and foam. Whether it be a new building, adding additional storeys or a renovation project, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is the perfect choice.

AAC Building Supplies can provide a complete supply and install quote – ready for rendering or flooring treatments.