Building products and construction advice for creating energy efficient homes

Ultium is a West Australian owned and operated company passionate about providing energy efficient construction products and improving the knowledge of methodologies for design and construction.

Ultium energy efficient options include high performance components, intelligent build methodology, thermally insulated concrete mass (slab and walls), triple glazed thermally isolated windows and fully sealed insulated roof boxes.

Highly experienced, they provide a building consultancy advice service that will ensure you are aware of the impact your construction materials will have on the heating and cooling of your home.

Building a complete energy efficient home will not only keep your interior spaces warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but the lifetime ongoing daily running costs of your property will be significantly reduced.

Get in touch below if you’d like to make an appointment to discuss the energy efficiency possibilities for your new build or renovation project, or to arrange a tour of an energy efficient home right here in Perth. Architects and building designers also welcome.