Climateframe Double Glazing

High quality double glazed windows and doors manufactured in Perth

Climateframe Double Glazing manufacture, supply and install Kommerling uPVC double glazed windows and doors for Perth and Western Australian homes.

They use quality materials and hardware to produce modern and sleek products. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and highly experienced professional team produce windows and doors for the astute consumer. All products are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

Double glazed windows offer up to 4 ½ times better insulation than single pane windows. Better window insulation means less energy use in your home through improved thermal efficiency. Double glazing reduces the need to have your heater or air conditioning running constantly in winter and summer as your home will be naturally more thermally efficient.

Climateframe Double Glazing pride themselves on providing the highest possible customer service experience. Their customers appreciate prompt, obligation free quotes, quality products to suit individual needs and attention to detail during the manufacturing and installation process.