Granite Warehouse

Supplying natural granite, marble and more for use as benchtops and vanities

Granite Warehouse provides a wide selection of natural granite, marble, limestone and sandstone, as well as the StellastoneĀ® range of engineered stone.

With granite available in light, medium and dark tones and varying from very light to almost solid black, there is a colour to suit any style of kitchen or bathroom.

Their natural marble and limestone comes in a variety of colours and features the beautiful veins and tones that characterise this stone.

Stellastone is manufactured by combining natural quartz and sand with space-age polyresins and pigments in a high-tech vacuum compression system using a “shake and bake” process. The result is a surface that is moderately resistant to heat and can be routed and polished to give a beautiful finish.

Granite Warehouse also supply marble, limestone and granite tiles for walls and floors.