Secure Parcelbox

Never miss a parcel again – safe, secure and simple

The future of the letterbox is here with Brizebox from Secure Parcelbox.

Secure Parcelbox allows safe and secure parcel delivery to your home. No more visits to Australia Post or Courier companies to pick up your parcel!

Secure Parcelbox ensures you never need to miss a parcel again. An innovative but simple concept featuring a false-bottomed drawer and a handle that causes the flaps to draw up when it is turned. This results in the drawer opening. After the parcel is placed in the drawer and the drawer is closed, the flaps release automatically so the parcel can fall into the waterproof compartment and delivery can be made securely.

All boxes feature 15mm of shock absorbing foam to help your parcel land softly. Extra large models have a special feature called Soft-Drop for particularly fragile items such as bottles.

There are various colours and three sizes available, as well as built-in and stand alone Secure Parcelbox options.