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Insider Secrets: Part Two

Andrea Pienaar of SIBA Interiors unpacks the Scandi interior style and shares her style tips and favourite things


We asked Perth Interior decorator, Andrea Pienaar, of SIBA Interiors, to describe the design style of Scandi and to tell us about her favourite things and recommended buys.

Scandi unpacked

“It started as very monochrome and minimalist but has morphed into a softer and more user-friendly version which includes some colour and a softer more textured aesthetic,” she says. “Think linens and fur with pinks and greys etc. Another trend is layer and texturing of fabrics, for example tassels, velvet, linen.”

Faux fur cushions, large cable-knit blankets, macrame and wicker and cork are also featured. Andrea says she’s loves rattan and wicker furniture. “Maybe it’s a nod to my youth but I think it softens the room and adds texture really well,” she says. The style also encourages the use of indoor plants and creating indoor oases.

Styling tip 101

Andrea warns that people should think hard about their purchases and recognise that impulse buying may not always be helpful. “Don’t buy something just because you love it,” she says. “It has to work for you and your lifestyle. I love white linen slip cover sofas but I have three small kids and they’d trash it in seconds. It also has to suit your home. Some furniture styles and colours won’t suit your floors or wall colour. If you’re decorating a current home, you need to make sure the furniture suits the space.”

She says there are ways in which on-trend colours can be incorporated into a space without taking over – like pink. She suggests trying trends in small bursts to see if they work for your home. “I’d start with small things like throw cushions and maybe a blanket or throw.

Andrea’s favourite things

$100 to spend

Sheets! I love fresh new sheets.

$500 to spend


$5000 to spend

A sofa.

Unlimited splurge?

Artwork or rugs.

Ditch or keep?


  • Grandma’s vases (you never know.)
  • A velvet couch
  • An Asian teak entertainment unit
  • A stained-glass lampshade
  • Tolix reproduction bar stools (I want to say ditch … but keep. They’re so practical and you can spray paint them any colour).
  • A brightly printed doona cover
  • A leather armchair
  • Bohemian crystal
  • A vintage chandelier
  • A metal side table


  • A geometric dhurrie rug
  • A wrought-iron outdoor setting
  • A mud australia fruit bowl
  • Laminated buffet
  • A dream catcher