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Interior Motives: Ella | Wembley Downs

Advice for reflecting personal style at home – from those in the know


Whether you’re in the interiors game or simply have a passion for decorating, creating a beautiful home that perfectly reflects your personal style is probably easier to achieve than you think. It’s just a matter of making a plan, sticking to it and believing in yourself.

These days, thanks to social media, home makers all around the globe are able to share their creations and motivate others to make their own personal dreams come true.

Meet a design and styling enthusiast that has a knack for throwing together gorgeous spaces and inspiring others to do just the same.

Ella – what look do you go for when styling your interiors?

I’d describe my personal style as mostly monochrome, glamorous and on trend.

What has inspired your love of decorating?

I’ve always loved anything that allowed me to be creative – cooking, art, sewing, fashion, craft and floristry. Straight after I finished school, I went to university to study fashion and design and I worked in the fashion industry for many years before moving into marketing. Since then I’ve always had a creative project on the go, both for fun and for work.

I think my interest in interior design has come from this desire to always be creating and decorating. When I was 12, my parents built a new house. It was the most exciting time, to be able to decorate my own room from scratch from window finishings, to furniture and artwork.

My mum – an art teacher and artist herself – has always encouraged my creativity and allowed me to paint over the fresh white walls with vertical stripes in candy pink and lime green. It took me weeks but my room was the envy of all my friends.

Now as an adult, I’ve got my own house and I have adored taking my time and decorating it with my now more refined and restrained style. I’m still a fan of a feature wall but you won’t see any bright colours on the walls in my house.

What do you think is your biggest triumph in your current home?

What I love most about our house is our collection of furniture, artworks and photos. My grandparents have gifted me some pieces which have huge sentimental value and my partner has custom made some furniture that we’ve designed together to suit the spaces. Everywhere I look, I’m reminded of my favourite people and places I’ve been.

I love changing things around and creating new looks with flowers, books or plants so my favourite areas in the house are spots where I can easily change up the look.

What are your top tips for winter decorating? 

To create a cosy feel in winter, I like to bring in some fur accents, layer lots of luxurious throw rugs and burn candles in the bedroom, the bathroom and living room.

What do you think is currently the hottest and most versatile interior trend?

My favourite trend right now is indoor plants. I have some potted and also have some growing in water from clippings I’ve got from family and friends. I’ve always loved having fresh flowers and greenery in the house and indoor plants give the same feeling without having to be replaced every week.

What advice would you share with someone who is about to start renovating?

Most definitely, I would say take your time. I’ve noticed that some of the styles I liked and ideas I had when we first moved into our house have totally changed now, especially around pieces of furniture.

It is so easy to get caught up in wanting to set everything up and having it all instantly but it is better to make sure you’re absolutely sure of every decision you make. Our house is still very much a work-in-progress but I’m enjoying every minute.

What is your top tip for personalising your home?

I have done most of the paintings in our house myself. I wouldn’t call myself an “artist” but I really enjoy playing around with paint and creating something that ties in perfectly with the rest of the space.

What colour combinations are grabbing your attention at the moment?

I have always loved pink so my favourite colour combination at the moment is charcoal, light grey and a dusty pink. The challenge is getting the balance right so the overall look isn’t too “girly”.