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Interior Motives: Sherrilee | Madeley

Advice for reflecting personal style at home – from those in the know


Whether you’re in the interiors game or simply have a passion for decorating, creating a beautiful home that perfectly reflects your personal style is probably easier to achieve than you think. It’s just a matter of making a plan, sticking to it and believing in yourself.

These days, thanks to social media, home makers all around the globe are able to share their creations and motivate others to make their own personal dreams come true.

Meet a design and styling enthusiast that has a knack for throwing together gorgeous spaces and inspiring others to do just the same.

Sherrilee – how would you describe your personal aesthetic?

My personal style is a bit of a mix. I love coastal luxe interiors with a bohemian influence. I always add unique tribal and ethnic pieces to my decor to keep it raw, natural and unique.

What do you think inspired your love of interiors?

I was born and raised in South Africa, and have lived in Australia since I was 16 years old. I have always been a visual person so I love art, fashion and interiors.

I’ve never studied interior design – I own a skin and cosmetic tattoo clinic – however interiors have always been in my blood. When I was young, I would spend my school holidays cleaning and decorating our family home!

What do you think is your most genius home decorating move?

I love the neutral earthy tones throughout my home. I only decorate with tones found in nature because it makes me feel calm and connected with the outdoors.

My favourite room is possibly my entrance hallway as it tells the story about the theme of the rest of the house as you walk in the doors.

What tips do you have for winter decorating to make a space feel cosy?

Textured rugs are always a great way to create a cosy winter feel. Add cushions, you can never have too many cushions, and don’t forget a knitted throw!

Fill the space so instead of one candle on your coffee table, add a cluster of candles in a large timber tray to take up space and create warmth and layers.

What one decorating tip do you think everyone should live by?

Don’t rush into buying furniture, live in the space first because you will change your mind once you get a feel for your new space. Also when renovating, make sure you know your style, don’t follow trends.

My other tip is don’t buy everything from one store and don’t buy everything new, always add vintage pieces such as textiles from Morocco or Africa to create a unique personal touch.

Also always buy one or two decor items when travelling – it’s a great way to collect pieces from around the world and each piece then has a special memory behind it.

What are your favourite colours?

I’m absolutely loving mustard and terracotta at the moment but I cannot go past anything white.