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Interior Motives: Sophie | Shenton Park

Advice for reflecting personal style at home – from those in the know


Whether you’re in the interiors game or simply have a passion for decorating, creating a beautiful home that perfectly reflects your personal style is probably easier to achieve than you think. It’s just a matter of making a plan, sticking to it and believing in yourself.

These days, thanks to social media, home makers all around the globe are able to share their creations and motivate others to make their own personal dreams come true.

Meet a design and styling enthusiast that has a knack for throwing together gorgeous spaces and inspiring others to do just the same.

Sophie – what is your number one decorating rule?

The overall sensory experience – achieved through lots of flowers and greenery, burning scented candles and ambient music. I also love mood lighting and beautiful mirrors. I am not opposed to adding hints of glamour and plushness.

What’s your top tip for winter styling?

Where possible, start with a beautiful fireplace. And then you add soft layers and textures. Linens, wool, velvets and furs all can help take a space to another level.

In living rooms and bedrooms, I love to add warm rugs and throws and loads of cushions. Oh and of course the beautiful warm glow through ambient lighting, burning candles and that fireplace we talked about.

Then all you need to add is a glass of wine and a gorgeous art and design lifestyle book and you are all set.

What are your favourite items in the room you have chosen and why do you love them?

I absolutely love sinking into my cloud modular sofa filled with goose feathers, it is the epitome of comfort.

What do you love most about interior design? 

No matter what the space, it’s a reflection of you. It can be both your sanctuary and your personal statement of who you are and who you want to be in the same sentence.

Do you change the look of your rooms frequently and if so, how do you do that?

Yes, definitely, frequently, whether it’s slight tweaks that come with the exciting addition of a new decor item or a piece of art, to the overhaul of a new rug or even moving and swapping side tables around between rooms. I am lucky I can change things up quite easily, mainly because of the ease afforded to me by being in the industry. And because of being constantly exposed to new trends, I’m always excited about the possibilities.

What are your favourite colour trends for the season ahead and beyond?

Really there is no greater masterpiece of creativity and artful expression than nature itself which I see as the perfect source of inspiration and expression for our feelings and sentiments in our  own private sanctuaries. I love all earthly hues with splashes of bold warm colours to add playfulness and interest.

What’s your best style tip? 

I love the wallpaper that runs up our staircase in the living area. It’s been such an inspiration and a perfect backdrop and canvas to build on in my decorative style.

I fell in love with the style of the house and found it perfectly fitting with my lifestyle and love of interiors and saw it as a perfect opportunity to enhance and build on its integrity and original styling with the way I furnished it.

It perfectly reflected my personality and my love of entertaining; so many interesting features and talking points – it signified to me such a wonderful fusion of the old and the new. So I guess my styling tip would be respect the integrity of the style of the space and have an expert help you style it in a way that enhances it.