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Once considered a luxury item, lifts are becoming a commonplace feature in new home design


Once reserved only for the rich and famous, luxury domestic items such as lifts, winerooms and saunas are now making an appearance in suburban homes all across Western Australia.

And it’s not so much that people these days have more disposable income but rather that these luxury items are more accessible than ever before, both financially and physically.

Going Up

Bernard Edwards from the Lift Shop says it has become increasingly common for people to install a lift in their home.

“What was once seen as a luxury is now becoming a mainstream item for a growing number of people,” he says. “With a diminishing supply of land and demand for more homes, blocks are becoming smaller and thus more two-storey-plus homes are being built.

“Lifts have become increasingly more affordable over the past ten years due to a combination of competition, exchange rates and mass production.”

Bernard says the appeal lies mainly in the fact that lifts enable people to live in their own homes when they get older without having to worry about navigating stairs.

“In some cases at the high end of the market, some clients want the lift as a luxury item add-on or for the resale benefits,” he says.

“Also, in these technological advanced times, anything that operates at a touch of a button and provides a benefit also has great appeal.”


Bernard says lifts add wow factor to a home and these days architects are going to town in making them a design feature.

“Some clients go for a striking standout look where they integrate a glass shaft and lift into the entrance. We are also finding that architects and designers are also being more creative in how they can design a lift into a home. We once installed a lift and glass shaft where the running gear had been painted bright yellow. The possibilities are endless.”

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