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Meet the Makers: Jubilee Pools

Cat and Andrew McCracken thrive on the challenge of creating spectacular concrete pools


A sparkling swimming pool not only provides welcome relief from Western Australia’s scorching summers, it also creates backyard ambience year round.

There’s nothing more relaxing than gazing out the window to a view of a gorgeous pool. A pool area is also the perfect place to entertain guests, even if no one takes a dip.

But with shrinking block sizes, big backyard pools are becoming a thing of the past and often installers are asked to find solutions for fitting pools into tight spaces and awkward shapes.

While there are some fantastic fibreglass options available for small backyards, concrete is a great option for people wanting a pool that exactly meets their expectations.

According to Cat McCracken from Jubilee Pools, when a customer decides to install a concrete pool, they have made a commitment to spend a reasonable amount of money, time and effort to create their dream backyard and that means they should be given first-class service.

“It’s a big commitment, and we know that, so we want our clients to have an amazing experience,” she says. “A concrete pool is a big investment and a lot of people don’t just have that kind of money lying around so when they get it and they spend it, they want to get exactly what they are paying for. But unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen and that’s heart-breaking.”

Cat and her husband, Andrew, pride themselves on not only providing a superior finished product but also strive to give amazing customer service from the moment they meet their client, right up until the finished pool is handed over.

Andrew, who has decades of experience building pools and scores of awards under his belt, says attention to detail is his forte. He likes nothing more than the challenge of problem-solving for a difficult site and creating a pool that is flawless and spectacular.

“We won’t cut corners,” he says. “There’s only one way to do it and that’s the right way. Very often we are contracted to make people’s dreams come true and that means it has to be perfect.”

Andrew, who is a straight shooter, says people often come to him and ask for their job to be rushed, but he says there’s a certain time required for the shell to cure and bending the rules in any way results in an inferior finish, which will inevitably come back to haunt the client.

He also has a reputation for thinking outside the square and thrives on the challenge of either creating something unusual or fixing a problem that others have walked away from.

Cat says she and Andrew both have a passion for renovating pools, transforming eyesores into spectacular oases using their own Jubilee glass tiles and clever modernising ideas.

After building pools for many years for other companies around Australia, the McCrackens launched Jubilee.

Cat said she was astounded to learn that fully tiled concrete pools were not common in WA, mostly because of the cost associated with purchasing the tiles, so she set about sourcing her own affordable options and this has become one of the company’s most notable points of difference.

There’s a huge range of dazzling tiles to choose from and Cat says her customers are always surprised to learn how affordable they are.

She says tiled pools require less maintenance than plastered concrete pools. “They will go on and on,” she says.

Concrete Promise

When Emma and Aaron decided their new home in Perth’s inner suburbs would not be complete without a pool, they started weighing up the options.

While they had a reasonable amount of space to play with, it soon became apparent that in order to have a pool close to the lounge windows, concrete would be the only feasible option and they turned to Jubilee Pools to deliver.

“We just found Andrew was so fantastic to work with,” Emma says. “He is a very down-to-earth person and was so committed to making sure all the details were right.”

She says she and her husband had little knowledge about pools so relied heavily on Andrew to deliver the goods. “We really love the end result,” she says. “I love that I can sit in the lounge room and look out at the pool, it is really relaxing. It’s more than just a pool,” she says. “Andrew had lots of good ideas and we love the tiles.”

To find out more, visit Jubilee Pools and Landscapes or to view the Jubilee tiling range, visit the display at Home Base.