Site Safety


The following is a template which Owner-Builders can follow to create their own safety signage.


Owner-Builder Name:
Site Address:
Owner-Builder Approval number:

Contact person 2

Muster Point
See location on site plan

Emergency Phone Numbers
Ambulance: 000 or 112 from mobile
Fire: 000 or 112 from mobile
Police: 000 or 131 444
Nearest Police Station: Address and phone
Nearest Hospital: Address and phone
WorkCover: 9388 5555

Emergency Action Plan
Site Evacuation: Verbal notification
Fire Extinguisher: List location

Action to follow in the event of an Emergency
1. If you are aware of an emergency, immediately notify the Owner-Builder / Supervisor.
2. If there is no impending danger and it is safe to do so, try to contain the emergency.
3. On hearing verbal warning, immediately evacuate the workplace.
4. Assemble at the Muster Point for a head count by the nominated supervisor.
5. Notify the Owner-Builder / Supervisor of any injuries that may have occurred.
6. Notify WorkSafe of the event and record the event in diary format with any accompanying witness statements.