Building Inspections (BI)


The three building inspections included with OBSN membership are conducted at three integral stages of your build. The building inspector will review your plans and based on the design of your project, will recommend when they should be undertaken. Generally, they are conducted at 1.) ‘slab down’, 2.) when the roof framing is in place with fixings – prior to the roof going on, and 3.) at either lock-up or practical completion. There is also an opportunity to request a Dilapidation Inspection/Report in lieu of one of your building inspections. Alternatively, you may choose to replace one of the building inspections with a pre-start meeting.

These services are all catered to your individual project and there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to your inspections.

The building inspections are performed by Clayton Taylor of Emcor Building Consultants, who is a WA Registered Builder and accredited Asbestos Assessor with over 20 years of construction experience. Clayton also carries the appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance to undertake these inspections.

Booking your building inspection

Whilst we highly recommend booking your building inspections based on Clayton’s recommendation, project hold points in your project schedule and any requirements set down by your consulting engineer, as the Owner-Builder, you can decide when you would like the inspections undertaken.

To arrange an inspection, email, giving details of project stage and preference day for the inspection. You will be asked to sign and return the standard Emcor Terms and Conditions as issued by Clayton Taylor. Clayton is very accommodating, however, should you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled inspection, a 40% administration fee will be charged.

It is recommended that you be in attendance on the designated day of the building inspection. This is an opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns.

You will also need to have the following documentation available on-site, which will be viewed by Clayton and their sighting will be documented in your building inspection report;

  • Construction plans
  • Engineering drawings
  • Termite treatment warranty
  • Compaction certificate
  • Demolition permit (if applicable)

Why are building inspections important?

As an Owner-Builder you have the responsibilities of a builder. This includes site safety and construction compliance with your permitted plans and the NCC and Australian Standards. Building inspections provide a cross check for the structural integrity of your build.

You will be issued with full building inspection reports (BIR) which are an integral part of your construction audit. Your BIR can also be submitted to your local authority as part of your Notice of Completion (BA7) documentation.

Objectives of three stage inspections

Professionally undertaken building inspections will ensure the dwelling is built in a manner that will provide a safe and healthy environment for all those that will inhabit the building. Building inspections are also designed to represent the client’s interests and confirm that the works;

  • Are free of safety hazards
  • Do not have major defects
  • Are executed within the acceptable Standards and Tolerances in respect of Minor Defects
  • Are completed in accordance with the stage definition
  • Are executed to an acceptable level of industry workmanship
  • Wherever possible (and within the bounds of the inspector’s knowledge and qualification) identify suspected non-compliance or poorly executed workmanship. If related to trades, plumbing, gas, electrical etc, they will be referred for further inspection by suitably qualified individuals
  • Are in accordance with the contract for the installation of the slab, frame and fixings
  • Are compliant to the applicable Australian Standards
  • Conform to NCC (BCA)