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Öopenspace Makes Their Mark

The Ö team show us how a smaller living space doesn’t mean less living space


Many people are becoming more and more conscious of their impact on the environment and as our lives get more fast paced, we are wanting to simplify and reduce our ecological footprint – meaning more people are downsizing and opting for the apartment lifestyle.

Because of this, not only is it a more sustainable life, it also calls for more multifunctional living.

The team from Öopenspace believe that a smaller living space doesn’t necessarily mean less of a living space. In fact they think it’s quite the contrary, it’s easier to create that intimate and homely feel we all love – you just need to know how to do it.

When you’re furnishing an apartment, you have a couple of things to consider. The use of your furniture and where you place it, is at the top of the list finished off with the styling – remember less is more!

Öopenspace recently teamed up with Bellcourt Property Group to show you what a contemporary loft style apartment paired with Ö furniture can look like, working their magic on Unity Apartments in West Perth.

The Unity Apartments were built with sustainability in mind, right through from the start to finish. With the whole apartment block running passively on solar design, as well as the layout designed so that the apartments are facing a direction that would take less power to heat or cool. There is also a communal vertical vegetable garden – talk about sustainability!

Showcasing the beauty of this apartment was easy for the Öopenspace team, all they had to do was compliment the exposed brickwork with warmer pieces, followed by enhancing the cooler toned flooring with a pop of colour.

They wanted to make sure they made the most of the space and let each furniture piece tell a story. For example – choosing such a bold sofa meant they didn’t have to bombard it with accessories.

This then allowed them to include more furniture items that would benefit the homeowner, rather than ‘things’ with no use.

Another thing they thought to include in the Unity Apartments was the use for multifunctional items.

When you’re living in a smaller space, you have to think of the furniture pieces and what purpose they serve. A cage trolley (as seen below) can be used as a drinks trolley or a side table and can be move to wherever is best.

Also thinking about the lack of storage in apartments and choosing a console with drawers to allow that little extra storage when needed. These are the little things that help a lot when living in an apartment.

The Ö team loved getting to create this space!

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