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Replacing a traditional timber deck with HardieDeck was an easy decision for the owners of this Brisbane home


Project Overview
Set on an oversized block in the leafy, south western suburb of Middle Park in Brisbane, this two-storey executive home is an entertainer’s paradise. Abutting the McLeod private golf course, its lavish outdoor entertainment and pool area flow to native gardens and an expansive lawn.

Commissioned to replace the home’s deteriorating wooden front steps and paved pool deck earlier this year, building contractor Oxford Construction and Development worked with the owners to find a solution which was low maintenance, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. Cue HardieDeck™.

Safety First
Timing of the project was dictated partly by safety concerns, according to the home’s owners, Tim and Julie. “We had been aware that we would need to replace the paved deck around the pool for some time,” Tim says. “The surface was becoming very uneven underfoot, due to the poor quality of the substrate – the base on which the paving stones were laid originally. “We also recognised it was time to replace the timber steps at the front of the house – the wood was rotting and re-staining them had become a constant chore. Brisbane temperatures regularly exceed 30 degrees through the summer and this was something we were having to do at least twice a year, to keep on top of sun and moisture damage.”

A Low Maintenance Alternative
Although long-time fans of the traditional timber deck, the couple were uncertain about the prospect of replacing their 60m2 section of paving stones with a good-looking, but high maintenance, wooden substitute.

This led the couple to HardieDeck. Resistant to damage from termites and moisture, able to be used in high bushfire attack zones and splinter free, HardieDeck is a fibre cement based, durable, low maintenance, alternative to timber.

Installed with a joining system which conceals the screws, HardieDeck boards can be laid with fewer joists than a traditional timber deck, resulting in a saving on materials and labour, in many instances.

HardieDeck comes ready to be finished – it can be painted to match or complement a home’s external colour scheme, or stained in timber finish for a more traditional look.

It was the latter which caught the couple’s eye when they were shopping around for options, according to Julie.

“After seeing the HardieDeck stained in a timber finish at the Build and Design Centre in South Brisbane, I knew instantly this was the deck I wanted,” she says.

Installation Challenges
Replacing the pavers and steps was a relatively straightforward matter, however the pool area presented the couple with a challenge.

“We wanted to stick with the existing size and design of the deck and steps,” Tim says. “It was all about creating a timber look. There’s a curved section in the deck overlooking
the pool, and we needed to find a material could accommodate this feature. This was one the reasons we chose HardieDeck, as it is perfectly suited for pool areas. Combine the versatile nature of HardieDeck with expertise from Oxford Construction and we easily achieved the design we envisioned.”

Cabots stain was used to give the HardieDeck boards the traditional timber appearance that Tim and Julie wanted, minus the constant need for constant re-staining and upkeep.

Picture Perfect Results
With summer approaching, the couple say they’re sitting pretty and can’t wait to do so for many years to come.

“We knew HardieDeck would give us the appearance of a timber deck and steps, without the constant need to stain them to keep them looking good,” Tim says.

“We’re rapt with how our choice of HardieDeck and building services have come together to re-do our outdoor area – we have a deck which looks like timber, without the ongoing, frequent maintenance that it requires, particularly in the sunny Queensland climate.

“HardieDeck is a durable, long lasting, low maintenance decking alternative. I’d thoroughly recommend HardieDeck to anyone who’s after that traditional look without all the upkeep it entails—more time to relax and enjoy for us!”

To find out more, visit HardieDeck or see the showroom at Home Base.