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Renovation Hints And Tips When Using Breezway Louvre Windows

Renovation is a breeze with Breezway Louvre Windows


Seasoned investors know that the secret to success is to maintain and upgrade a property with the best products on the market. Giving renters and potential buyers a taste of a premium space by carefully selecting high-impact areas for improvement will attract motivated applicants that will help look after your property. And as an investor, that is undoubtedly what you want!

High impact areas include the windows of your property; that’s where Breezway can step in to help. A recognised leading manufacturer of louvre windows, is a cornerstone resource for real-estate investors in Australia who want to ensure that their properties are top notch with high performance, energy efficient windows.

Not only do the right windows lift the exterior appearance of your home, they also drastically impact the experience inside too. Beyond the aesthetics, window choice will be a major determining factor for the temperature and energy efficiency of your property.

The Breezway Difference

Breezway Louvres allow two to three times the air flow of standard windows, which means pure, fresh air circulates through the indoor environment, filtering out allergens and pollutants and creating a remarkably cool, refreshing atmosphere during a hot Aussie summer. It’s the air Mother Nature intended you to breathe. The windows allow clean air, sunlight and uninterrupted views to filter into your rental property, making it an attractive prospect for tenants.

Breezway also offers the Stronghold System for windows that require fall prevention two metres above ground floor or those needing extra strength and safety. Altair Louvres with the Stronghold System provide ventilation and safety to occupants, even when restricted. The Stronghold System mechanically retains blades and is ideal for window replacements in second storey buildings or high level apartments where window openings and cross ventilation can be limited.

Other benefits of using Breezway Louvres in your property include:

  • Maximising airflow in comparison to other window types
  • Easy to operate and clean from inside the building
  • Modern, patented design seals tight to reduce noise and provides protection from the elements
  • Variety of sizes and blade options for privacy or shading
  • Can be screened from the inside if required
  • Can be customised to match existing décors for window replacements
  • Also ideal for enclosing balconies for additional safety and extra year round living space

Energy Efficiency with Superior Design

When installed in the right areas of a home, Breezway Louvre Windows can be magnificently energy efficient, sealing in warmth in the winter and substituting for air conditioning in the summer. The advanced construction and design locks in heat, and the large openings allow cool, summer breezes to control the indoor temperatures. This means that property owners and renters can save big on energy costs.

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