6 Star Design and Sustainability Course

This enlightening course will educate you on how to design a home that will save money and energy all year round.

In a city where expenses for electricity and gas are skyrocketing and water is restricted, this course is a must for anyone building or renovating a home.

Adrian Fratelle, leading home designer from design firm Ecohabit Homes, will talk you through the key factors needed to create an energy efficient, solar passive home, without compromising on the design that you want.

The course is designed to assist every home builder or renovator to achieve the mandatory 6 star energy rating and possibly much more.  Clever design tips will help to keep your new home comfortable all year round with the minimum energy usage.

Adrian is passionate about design.  He creates beautiful ecological and economical home designs that are affordable and accessible to all.  He is keen to spread the word on sustainable design and solar passive design techniques that will allow more and more people to live in energy efficient homes.

Course Details

Duration 2.5 hours
Location Home Base
Cost $100 single / $140 double

Course Structure