Owner-Builder Approvals Process Course

Gain an insight into the documentation processes for Owner-Builder and Building Permit approvals

The Home Base Owner-Builder Approvals Process course has been specifically designed to follow on from our Owner-Builder course and will navigate you through the often complicated approvals and documentation stages of owner-building.

The course is presented by Western Australia Building Certifiers & Assessors (WABCA), who specialise in facilitating building approvals throughout the state.

The 2.5 hour course covers a variety of topics relating to approvals, all aimed at the successful planning of your proposed project – to avoid unexpected and often costly delays.

With new laws enacted in 2012 regarding the application process, this course will guide you through the important initial stages – all with the aim to build a better home.

The final part of the course will be a dedicated question and answer session, to tackle any questions you may have regarding the application stages of owner-building.

Course Details

Duration 2.5 hours
Location Home Base
Cost $60 single / $80 double

Course Structure

  • Understanding the Building Certification Process
  • How to avoid delays in commencement of your project
  • How to achieve design compliance in accordance with new laws
  • The pros and cons of Certified and Uncertified applications
  • Explanation of the fees and costs involved
  • Time frames that you will need to be aware of
  • Documentation and reports
  • Relevant Codes and Standards
  • Additional approvals – swimming pools, fences, driveways etc.
  • Additional considerations – eg. access for the disabled
  • A guide to the recently enacted bushfire regulations