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Owner-Builder Course

Learn how to save thousands, take control and build the home you want with our one day course

An Owner-Builder is a person who constructs or renovates a domestic dwelling on his or her own land and who is not already a registered builder. Any self-managed building or renovating project over the value of $20,000 is considered to be an Owner-Builder project.

Owner-Builders (or Self Builders) gain great satisfaction out of building their own home by having more control over the quality and materials used in their new home. However being responsible for building your own home can be challenging, complicated and involves taking on significant legal and financial risks and responsibilities.

The one day Owner-Builder Course is designed to introduce you to the domestic construction process as well as the process of becoming an owner-builder, your duties and responsibilities under the law, plus the pro’s and con’s of building your own home.

Have your questions answered by our industry expert and find out exactly what it takes to take on the Owner-Builder challenge and successfully build your own home. Real life examples of recent Home Base Owner-Builder projects will show you what can be achieved.

As part of your course, you will also receive one free digital copy of the Home Base Building and Renovating Guide valued at $140 – a useful reference tool for your project. You will also receive one ‘Certificate of Completion’ per project.

*Please note: One certificate will be issued per single or double enrolment. If you require two individual certificates, please complete two single enrolments.

Course Details

Duration 1 day
Location Home Base
Cost $230 single / $300 double

Course Structure

  • What is an Owner-Builder and what can I build?
  • Owner-Builder Responsibilities
  • Planning and documentation
  • How to succeed as an Owner-Builder
  • Insurance
  • Employing subcontractors
  • Design considerations
  • The construction process – step by step
  • Owner-Builder finance
  • Obtaining accurate estimates
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Site safety
  • How to avoid the pitfalls
  • Site management and work flow coordination
  • How much can I save?
  • Recent Home Base Owner-Builder projects

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