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Spruce Up A Tired Bedroom

Don’t lose any sleep over your bedroom makeover with our expert tips for a masterful transformation


Bedrooms are no longer simply a place to rest a weary head. They’re our sanctuary – a place to express personal style, a peaceful spot to relax and read a book, and somewhere to store and display treasured possessions.

And so it stands to reason that more people aim to create a bedroom that’s inspiring, peaceful, indulgent and practical.

If your bedroom is dated or cluttered or barely functional, transforming it into your own private hideaway can be a daunting task.

If you are lucky enough to be in a position to ditch everything in the room and start again, the process is as simple as choosing a look that suits and filling in the blanks, making sure to put together a cohesive look.

Experts recommend creating a mood board using reference pictures and swatches because this will ensure that all elements work well together.

To create a serene bedroom, it is vital that storage is included. If there is an opportunity to include built-in robes or walk-in storage, this will definitely benefit the end result.

Whether you are in a position to start from scratch or you need to keep some existing items, it is wise to consult an interior designer who can help you edit what you have, make decisions and keep you on track.

Interior designers can also put you in touch with excellent tradespeople and suggest products and finishes that you may not otherwise have known about.

Interior designer Rebecca Sheridan says it is a good idea to start by carefully assessing each item of furniture in the room. “Anything that is outdated and not required can go,” she says.

“Obviously the bed is the most important item so it is important to have a good bedhead and a bed base that is comfortable and practical.”

Adriana Peci, of Hatch Interiors, says artwork, linen, cushions, bedheads and lighting are all important inclusions and each needs to be addressed with an overall theme in mind.

Wallpaper is a great way to quickly revive a tired bedroom. “It is an easy, simple and cheap option that will really help to make over a bedroom,” Adriana says. “It will help create a softer look and it will also add interest to blank walls.”

Rebecca advises her clients to consider updating their floors if the budget stretches far enough. “These span over a large area in the room and can help to create a better overall impact, especially when the bed and bed linen are new.”

Rebecca says bed linen can brighten and lift a room very quickly. “A contemporary room works well when it draws your eye in with the use of colour and impressive details,” she says.

“New bed linen, window coverings and styling pieces will transform your room fast. Adding art and decor pieces may be all that is needed to really create a room with wow factor.”

When buying new linen, Rebecca says it is important to consider the bedhead and overall colours and patterns used in the room.

“Be sure to buy quality sheet sets that contrast and complement each other and your quilt cover set,” she says.

“It is nice to have options to play with different combinations. Having a clean, less patterned quilt cover will allow you to use patterned cushions and introduce other textures.”

She says bedheads are not essential but can help to create a mood and theme.

“There are some great DIY ideas for creating a bedhead and doing things like using reclaimed timber such as old doors or timber planks can look really effective,” she says.

“If you really want to create a bold statement, consider an entire textured wall with tiles, stacked stone, multi-toned timber planks, an impressive wallpaper or even a painted design over the entire wall.”


  • Either do a complete cleanout or work out which items can stay and get rid of clutter
  • Choose an overall theme and select samples and swatches that work together cohesively
  • If you can afford to replace the flooring, choose something neutral and soft. Timber floors look beautiful in bedrooms, especially when topped with a luxurious rug.
  • If you can afford to install built-in or walk-in robes, call in the experts to help. Caroline Powney from Alliance Robes says there are so many time and stress-saving tricks that can be installed in a robe, making it a cinch to keep bedrooms tidy and organised. She says modern robes are luxurious and provide a place for everything and there’s a solution for all problems regardless of the budget available.
  • When the floors and storage are sorted, it is time to think about aesthetics. A bedhead can really make a statement and there are so many options available.
  • Consider a feature wall which can be created using wallpaper or a printed mural.
  • Choose a colour for the rest of the walls. Our experts say neutral colours will allow youto easily change the look of the room using different accessories.
  • Now it is time to look at window treatments. New blinds or curtains will freshen up the space and our experts recommend choosing something that is neutral. Shutters look spectacular in bedrooms and are practical too.
  • Feature lighting can make a big difference to the overall ambience of a bedroom. Consider installing some pendant lights or purchasing some fantastic bedside lamps.
  • Choose bedlinen and decorator items. Remember that details such as cushions, throws, lamps and bedside tables all help to finish off the overall look and feel of a room. If you haven’t got a huge budget, scour secondhand markets and look for interesting DIY projects. You can pick up great quality linen at clearance stores.