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Make your slumber zone a harmonious place to retreat


Sometimes even returning to your home after a busy day out and about doesn’t provide enough respite. The demands of a family, pets, household chores and 24/7 technology mean that truly relaxing at home is becoming more difficult.

That’s why many homeowners invest time, effort and money into creating a bedroom sanctuary that is the ultimate getaway. A place where you can shut the door and lock out the chaotic onslaught of modern society.

Clear away the clutter

If you want to feel relaxed in your bedroom, make a proper effort to edit anything that isn’t needed. Get rid of piles of books, paperwork, unnecessary trinkets and anything that can distract the mind or create work. There is nothing worse than relaxing in bed and being reminded that there’s a pile of bills on the dressing table that need to be paid. Too many trinkets and unnecessary decor items will only remind you that you need to do the dusting. Pare back what you have, only keeping the stuff that makes you feel happy or prompts good memories.

Choose a colour scheme and stick to it

When it comes to design, one of the things that can cause arguments between couples is the look of their main suite. It’s not unusual for one person to be keen on florals, the other on monotone darks. Take the time to sit down and agree on a colour theme and style. Too many ideas in one room will make you feel overwhelmed. If a floral doona cover is a no-go zone, introduce a touch of romanticism to cushions, fabric and trims.

Think luxury

If you are trying to decide how to spend your budget, splurge on quality bedlinen. Not only will it look beautiful, it will also feel beautiful. Nothing says holiday at home more than slipping into a bed fitted with high thread count sheets. Watch out for end-of-season sales. If you scrimp on quality, you will have to replace your items after too few washes.

Change it up

Don’t stagnate. Make small changes to keep things interesting. Switch around pillow slips, cushion covers or even move the furniture. In winter, add a heavy throw rug; in summer, switch to a light version. Making little changes will go a long way to keeping the room feeling fresh. Paint is a fantastic way to transform a room without spending a fortune.

Top tips

Choose practical bedside tables. They provide storage and can hold a bedside light. Think very carefully about adding built-ins as you will be restricted if you want to change the room around later.

Use layers on the bed to create a sense of luxury. Don’t add too many cushions. They will only end up on the floor.

Use colours that are relaxing or moody. Don’t pick anything loud that stimulates the brain.

Avoid the temptation to put a television in the bedroom. Research shows it can interfere with sleep patterns, particularly if you watch it late at night.

Don’t think that the bedlinen has to be all matching. Complementary colours and textures have more visual and tactile appeal.