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The desire for a customised forever home is met with creativity and thoughtful design


In a world where barely anything seems unique any more, the owners of this Applecross home wanted a space that was customised to perfectly suit their needs and lifestyle.

And thanks to considerable consultation with their clients and impeccable attention to detail, the team at Mata Design Studio were able to deliver just that.

Picture: D-Max Photography

The project was underway already when Mata was called in. There were certain limitations as to what could be achieved but in what can only be called an incredible triumph, absolutely no compromise was required.

The owners, wanting to create their forever home, included on their wish list a user-friendly kitchen, an outdoor shower, and cleverly designed bedrooms for both the parents and children.

Key to the project’s success was time invested in consultation to make sure there was a synergy between owner and design team, with ample time for the experts to challenge preconceived ideas and re-work existing designs where necessary.

Picture: D-Max Photography

The family home boasts all the aesthetic values of a boutique hotel, with clean lines and high-quality materials used throughout.

American walnut timbers and brushed Andorra stone were used as a constant throughout the home to tie everything together and provide seamless continuity.

Beautiful, thoughtful but subtle details further elevate the overall result. Solid timber cabinet frames were jointed to form a T in a nod to the clients’ surname.

Lighting was chosen not only for functionality but also as art.

Picture: D-Max Photography

Every single cupboard and drawer in the kitchen was planned with meticulous attention to detail, each created to suit its particular use.

Creating the owners’ dream kitchen was crucial to the success of the project and the design evolved significantly over time.

“The kitchen initially designed for the house was much different to the resultant space,” Mata’s Kylene Tan says.

“Specific items addressed included allowing the client, at five foot (152cm), to be able to access all the cabinets and kitchen equipment with ease.

“In order to achieve this, the back counter became full-height storage in lieu of countertop with overheads, and the island the main preparation space which also supports the clients’ desire to all come together to eat and share conversation here.”

Picture: D-Max Photography

Picture: D-Max Photography

Meanwhile in the main ensuite, an alfresco shower was incorporated and a skylight installed to give an indoor-outdoor feel.

Solid stone slabs line the space, giving it a real monumentality and tactility, the planters allowing greenery to layer the space and further create the outdoor sensibility. The minor bedrooms were also given star treatment. Traditional design was turned on its head and these large spaces were planned to give each child privacy.

Each room has a small reception console and desk at the entry to create a drop zone, study area and privacy screen with white marble plinth and American oak tabletop. The bed then tucks in behind to create a private zone.

A beautiful touch is feature lighting that was chosen to double as artworks. The space at night truly comes alive with the LED lighting design, creating extra warmth in a home filled with predominantly hard surfaces.