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The Corner Fireplace Layout Guide

Create a seamless transition between spaces and get closer to the flames than ever before


Innovations in gas fireplace design have transformed them into more than just a source of warmth; they’ve become a pivotal design element that shapes the very essence of our living spaces – and leading this change is the new Escea DN1150 Corner Gas Fireplace.

The corner fireplace offers a seamless blend of form and function, transcending the conventional, and enabling us to integrate architectural elements that elevate the overall design of our homes.

No longer confined to traditional single-sided designs, they’ve introduced a fresh perspective on fireplace design, changing the way we envision, layout, and design our living spaces.

If you’re thinking about integrating a corner fireplace into your home, here are five ways to use it in your space, each offering a unique perspective and purpose for reimagining the way you live.

Intersecting Spaces – the natural external corner of a room 

Positioned on the external corner of a room, this corner fireplace layout celebrates the room’s natural contours. It serves as a visual bridge connecting living zones, making it particularly ideal for larger, open-plan areas, blending living spaces with dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, or entryways, and letting them share in both its heat and design appeal.

Cutting-Edge Centrepiece – add visual interest to a blank wall

For those wanting to create a statement design feature, consider building a nib wall structure that stretches halfway across the wall with the fireplace positioned on the open-end corner.

This layout adds interest and depth to an plain wall and gives you the opportunity to use contrasting materials, textures or tones on each of the wall’s layers.

This layout is great for leading the eye towards another zone within the space, or out towards a window. It also gives you space to place a TV either above, or to the side of the fireplace, for complete warmth and home entertainment integration.

Subtle Statement – create a subtle design edge

A subtler approach to creating visual interest, this recessed design seamlessly integrates the corner fireplace within the wall.

This layout provides an opportunity to showcase decorative objects while still accommodating a TV placement directly above. Like the Cutting-Edge Centrepiece, it adds an element of intrigue to the room, creating a visual focal point without dominating the space.

Edgy Room Divider – a functional connection of living zones

Bold and edgy, this corner fireplace layout demonstrates an asymmetrical way to infuse wow-factor, visual connection, and functional warmth into two spaces. Ideal for those seeking a room divider that demands attention, it subtly guides the eye toward the adjoining space while adding an architectural design element that breaks away from traditional design norms.

Intimate Living – nestles into the internal corner of a room

Finally, one of the most common installations is the corner fireplace naturally fitting into the internal corner of a room. Here, furniture is strategically focused on the fireplace, creating an intimate space. This layout is perfect for rooms with an under utilised corner, offering a cosy ambience while transforming overlooked spaces into inviting retreats.

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