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Transform with Tiles

Tiles are a durable and low-maintenance flooring option offering an array of designs and colours


From large-format slabs to highly decorative options, tiles are making a comeback. In recent years, timber has been the most coveted flooring. But perhaps on the back of the surge in popularity of concrete floors, tiles are finding favour again and are being used to make a statement.

It makes a lot of sense. Their durability suits the Australian lifestyle – many homeowners spend time at the beach or out in nature, they own pets, and children are encouraged to get messy and experience the world.

Tiles are easy to clean, can withstand a beating and they’re available in endless styles, finishes and colours. Modern tiles are a work of art in themselves, with styles offering textural qualities and earthy tones.

The stunning range of concrete-look cement stone tiles at West Lake Flooring has been turning heads. Not only do they look like industrial concrete blocks, they also feature decorative stencilling, so they make a bold artistic statement. They can be used on walls as well as floors.

West Lake Flooring’s timber-look tiles are also winning hearts. More durable than real timber, the tiles look and feel just like the real deal. Plus there are lots of different colours and styles available.

Large-format porcelain tiles are also gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Laminam is especially popular with architects and interior designers. The appeal is partly because the texture is unique but mostly because the tiles can be used on the floor at 1m square and in even bigger pieces on the walls. Big sheets ultimately mean less joins and less grout, making cleaning easier so these tiles are an ideal choice for bathrooms.

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