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Why we love alfresco sliding doors

There are a number of big benefits to choosing alfresco sliding doors


There’s just something about glass sliding doors in your alfresco area. They feel stylish, yet welcoming. They give your home a touch of elegance that elevates the space, while still being completely practical and effortlessly functional.

There are a number of big benefits to choosing alfresco sliding doors that can be taken into consideration when building your home.

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Here’s why we love them.

Maximise your space

One of the biggest benefits of glass sliding doors is that they don’t need space around them to swing in and out. There are no hinges or doorjambs either, meaning you get more total usable space in your rooms.

Sliding doors help to make any room feel less cluttered. They feel bigger, airier, and brighter.

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Get easier access to your outdoor areas

Australia is made for indoor/outdoor living, and alfresco doors let you take advantage of our (usually) beautiful weather.

Moreso than a regular door, a glass sliding door helps to create a larger space for entertaining. By easily sliding open your door, you create a seamless flow from inside to outside. Guests can mingle and come and go as they please, reducing bottlenecks and creating a more communal feeling.

And as well as entertaining, sliding doors make it much, much easier to move big items in and out of your house. If you’ve ever tried to pivot a couch through a regular front door, you know the headaches this can pose.

Gain better visibility

Sliding alfresco doors give you better visibility over your outdoor spaces. This isn’t just good for looks, it’s also better for safety and security.

You’re able to see more of what’s going on outside, which makes it easier to keep an eye on the kids or pets, particularly around any pool areas. You also get better visibility over any movement around your home, boosting your passive surveillance.

Many customers add a security door to allow fresh air to flow through their home while providing added security.

Improve the natural light in your home

Well-positioned alfresco doors mean that you can take advantage of light in every season. Compared to smaller windows, big glass sliding doors let more natural light into your home. This helps you create a brighter, warmer environment, with the added benefit of reducing your need for lighting – and your electricity use.

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They suit most home builds

Whether it’s a new build, or you’re renovating, they’re ideal for use in residential homes, helping to create a deluxe feel for your everyday living spaces. They’re a terrific option for multi-unit developments and low-rise apartments too, allowing you to maximise the use of your available space.

And honestly, they just look good

Whether you choose traditional sliding doors, stacking sliding doors, or bi-fold doors, an alfresco door option is a clean, stylish look that never really goes out of fashion.

Why we love: Sliding doors

With a motion that everyone is familiar with, their smooth, gentle operation allows you to seamlessly create one connected entertaining space, with sliding door rollers that are designed for ease of use for the whole family.

Why we love: Stacking sliding doors

Aluminium stacking sliding doors, often called door stackers, allow you to open up your home for greater comfort. With one smooth slide, you can stack your doors neatly away to one side, maximising your available space.

Why we love: Bi-fold doors

Get a modern, commercial look in your home with a bi-fold door.

A chic, versatile choice for your living spaces, bi-fold doors allow you to easily maximise your available room. You can open them up the whole way, giving you wider access than other glass sliding doors.

While they do come at a higher price point than a standard sliding good, they deliver improved safety and security

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