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The bathroom plays a vital role in our lives, so proper care should be given to this important space when designing


There has barely been an aspect of our daily lives that has not been impacted by the unprecedented events of 2020.

We have had to change the way we think about so many things, relaxing our ideals in some areas and stepping up in others.

We’ve been forced to take shelter in our homes to stay safe and we’ve had to find new ways to use them to relax and unwind, with travel off the agenda.

The flow-on effect has seen an increase in house renovations and high on the list of rooms needing a revamp are our bathrooms.

Not only do we need to be able to use them as an escape, we also are more focused than ever before on cleanliness.

Picture: Kitchen Capital

Picture: Phoenix Tapware

Bathing immediately after returning home from a stint out and about is front and centre of mind for many people. And of course, we’ve all stepped up our hand washing game.

Since we’re using our bathrooms more, there’s also a greater need to clean them more frequently.

It stands to reason then that people are requesting that designers help them create bathrooms that are easier to clean with fewer tough-to-reach places and materials that are more durable.

Picture: Staron

Custom cabinetry ensures a practical use of space and with thoughtful design it can eliminate germ-gathering nooks and crannies. There’s a swing toward natural materials such as marble, stone and hardwoods.

Slick surfaces that are easier to keep spick and span are the order of the day when it comes to wall finishes, screens and splashbacks. Large-format tiles allow for fewer grout lines.

Lighting is also top of many wish lists, not just the uber practical kind that allows inhabitants to get ready for their close-ups on Zoom calls but also the type that creates mood when it comes to relaxing and unwinding in a luxurious bath or under the soothing flow of a raindrop showerhead.

Beautiful feature lighting can make a space feel like a day spa, create ambience and obviously meet all functional needs.

Ditto for gorgeous tapware. For a true spa experience, go all out and see if you can get taps and lights that complement one another.

Picture: Phoenix Tapware

Picture: Mark Rigby

One bathroom item that was being increasingly omitted due to space concerns is suddenly more important than ever.

Most renovators or new home builders are insisting on at least one bathtub in their new space. Everyone wants to wash away the physical and metaphorical stress of a world ravaged by uncertainty and it seems the best place to do that is in the bath.

If space is an issue, there are compact options available and if there’s an abundance of space, there’s possibly no better way to fill it than with a giant tub.