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Nobody can deny the allure of new-season home decor


Whether you’re planning to build or renovate or are still sitting on the fence, nobody can deny the allure of new-season home decor.

Adding a splash of hot-right-now to your home can really make all the difference to its ambience, creating a space that you simply don’t want to leave.

Take them or leave them, we love trends because they help open up our minds to new possibilities and everyone knows a change is as good as a holiday.

Behold these gorgeous modern ideas and assorted inspiration.

Picture: GlobeWest / Roxby Lane

Surprise Package

This year has been full of surprises and as always, current events do shape design trends.

When we’re focused on making the planet greener, we see earthy shades rise in popularity at the paint stand. And when we’re taken by surprise by strange events, you better believe we’ll bring that vibe into our homes.

Bold patterns and vibrant prints are still making an appearance on design files and there will be plenty of people celebrating that, especially now that we are spending more time at home and need to feel stimulated.

Anything goes as long as it speaks to your heart. If you’re not ready to jump on this and fully commit in the form of fixtures and fittings, think about introducing it in your furnishings.

Parquetry in Motion

Everything old is new again and decorators are starting to once again sing the praises of beautiful craftsmanship.

Swept up in that movement are timber floors or timber-look floors featuring inlay and intricate patterns.

We are all on board, because while minimalism gives a sense of calm and it’s easy to clean, it doesn’t delight the senses like a beautifully patterned floor.

Picture: Artis Flooring

Shades of Grey

Colour is making a comeback but there’s something super soothing about grey, in all its glorious variations.

Designers are embracing concrete both finished and unfinished, monotone walls and sleek stone-like finishes.

Use it in the bathroom to create a truly relaxing space or make a perfectly neutral backdrop for other decorative elements.

Picture: Bathroom Central

Moody Utilities

When it comes to kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, an on-trend look is dark and moody with matte surfaces.

As these areas are high traffic, these dark, matte surfaces don’t demand constant attention to keep them gleaming. It makes for a sleek and modern statement.

Natural Fibres

This year, we have all been reminded of the value of nature. We’ve seen ecosystems return to their natural glory thanks to the slowing of rapid consumerism and we like it.

At home, you can expect to see more natural fibres, because that helps us to feel more connected with nature and let’s face it, they are elegant yet relaxed.

Introduce natural linens in the form of bed linen, couches, cushions, throws and upholstery.

Picture: GlobeWest / Roxby Lane

Picture: GlobeWest / Roxby Lane


Making an appearance everywhere from kitchen splashbacks, to floors and bathroom tiles, herringbone and chevron patterns bring cheer because there’s something satisfying about tessellation.

If you can’t make big changes and introduce it to fixtures, you can still get your fix in the form of furniture.


Embellishment is big. Artwork is something that will last a lifetime and the quality of art coming out of Australia at the moment is incredible. And what a difference a beautiful piece (or four) can make to the ambience of a room.

If you don’t know what to choose, there are lots of great sites that have affordable Australian artwork.

In all the forecasting we trawl through, we’re seeing brave designers use artwork in just about every area of the home – even the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. You will be impressed by the impact just one piece of art can have. So the message is, go nuts.

If you can’t afford to invest in original artwork, you can buy beautiful limited-edition prints at a reasonable cost. Abstract, bright and proud is the look du jour but the most important thing is to choose something you love. Don’t let anyone tell you what to buy because the impact won’t be the same.

Picture: GI Art

Picture: GI Art


The design world’s love affair with indoor plants is not abating, if anything, the volume has been turned up. Too much is not enough.

Plants of all shapes and sizes can be grouped together indoors, in virtually every room of the house and we won’t judge you if you perch a snippet of devil’s ivy in a jar on your toilet window sill or if you pack away an appliance and replace it with a philodendron.

House plants are not as difficult to look after as you think. If you can’t figure out what will survive inside, look for anything with a care label that says grow in the shade. Once you master the art of growing plants inside, we promise it will become addictive and rewarding.

Green is good.

Picture: Bauwerk


In the design world, there’s a drive towards textural mash-ups. People are spending more time at home, for a variety of reasons, and they don’t want their personal spaces to be boring.

That means surfaces don’t have to match – in fact the less they match, the better. As long as they’re interesting.

If by necessity your benchtops are silky smooth, then throw in a textured tile splashback and consider cupboard doors that have yet another tactile point of difference.

It doesn’t have to be gaudy – subtle, considered differences carefully paired together can be exquisite.  You can introduce texture into flooring or panelled wall features both on the interior and exterior of your home.

Furnishings and decor should also be a carefully curated mix of materials.

Mix and match in the living room. Choose a sofa in lush plush velvet and an occasional chair in buttery soft leather and make sure there are plenty of cushions and throws to cosy up the space. If you have the budget, consider beautifully decorative floors, tiled or parquetry. Even throwing a touch of this into an entryway or a main bathroom can be exhilarating.

Picture: Dale Alcock Homes

Picture: Carpet Call

Exposed Brick

Finding the beauty within is another key trend still going strong. We’re all turning away from over-worked finishes raw beauty is where it’s at. When you think about it, brickwork is an art in itself so why cover it up?

We love exposed brick because it is textural and cost effective. Why not think more about the types of interior and exterior bricks you use, because you might be surprised at what’s on offer.

Seeing the Light

Behold the modern lighting fitting. No longer just a practical necessity, it now doubles as art.

Often spectacularly architectural, trendsetting lights can elevate the design status of your home and the pieces that are coveted right now are timeless and elegant.

When you give attention to your lighting plan, you’ll also notice a dramatic improvement in the function of your home.

Australians have been slow to appreciate the value of sconces, pendants and floor lamps but now that we’ve arrived, we’re all in.