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Creative Vibes: Corrine Boar | Doubleview

Take a peek inside the homes of inspiring West Australians


It’s one thing to give design advice for a living, but what do the experts do when it comes to planning their own abode?

Take a peek inside Corrine Boar (nee Kenny)’s Doubleview home, artist at Corrine Kenny Art.

How do you like to decorate your home? What’s adorning your walls right now?

I like to keep it fresh, cosy and colourful. We live near the coast, so there is a very coastal vibe in our home, combined with vibrant pops of colour and lots of plants.

My favourite piece adorning our walls right now is a soft blush pink artwork that sits above our bed. It’s so pretty and calming, luckily my husband is very easy-going about me having so much pink in the house!

Being an artist, I’m super lucky because I create new pieces of artwork for our home if I’m getting tired of looking at the same wall. But there are also so many low-cost options to add interest to a room.

You can find some great small businesses doing really innovative things. I had some family photos printed Polaroid-style by a small business that I found on Instagram and have hung them like bunting across our living room wall. It looks cute and is personal and special to our family.

What design trend are you loving right now? 

I am loving the use of natural fibres, from rugs, to baskets, to wall hangings. I love the feel that natural materials provide, and the texture and dimension it brings to a room.

As an artist, how to do you help clients select the right piece for their homes?

If possible, I love to see photos of the area where the client will be hanging the piece, then we discuss colours, dimensions and budget. Once we’ve done that planning, we can come up with a design spec from there.

Describe your artistic style. Why do you love abstracts?

Colourful, happy and feminine. I love painting abstract artworks because of the artistic freedom that you have. You have a canvas and you have paint – there are no boundaries or limits. I love to experiment and play around with new colours and new mediums all the time.

What small changes do you recommend to get maximum impact?

A spring clean! This is such a simple way to freshen up your home. I always clear out any clutter and items that I no longer feel fit within our home. I also like to get some cute new cushions and accessories to update everything a little. I think that has a huge impact on the feel and look of your home.

How do you make colour selections and pick complementary colour schemes?

With regards to painting artworks, it always helps to journal; painting small-scale artworks, to see which colours look best with others. But sometimes, it’s just a matter of laying down some paint and seeing what comes of it. I usually try to just trust my eye and my ‘gut’. Like all design, planning and research are so important.

What do you love most about your space?

I love the people that I get to share it with. My husband David, our sons Jasper and Lucas, and our little toy spoodle, Sven. Our space is cosy and comfortable, with a good balance of functionality and aesthetics, to raise our little family within.

In particular, I love our bedroom. I believe your bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary; somewhere you can go and truly feel relaxed at the end of a day.

I have used a soft colour palette in our bedroom, combined with ambient lighting, to enhance the feeling of relaxation. Another thing that I think is a must in your bedroom is a really comfortable bed, and lovely bedding to make jumping into bed each night feel cosy and comfortable.

What do original artworks bring to a space and where do you recommend people source artwork from?

I think that original art brings depth, texture and originality to your home. Original artworks are one-offs and so nobody will ever have the same artwork as you.

I definitely recommend sourcing artworks from quality, local artists. I know first-hand, that so much thought, love and hard work goes into making an original piece for each special client.

Instagram: @corrinekennyart