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Revitalising your nest can help lift your mood


Australians have always been house-proud but these past few years, more than ever before, people have started to take a close look at their personal environments with a view to making them as comfortable as possible.

With travel restrictions making it difficult to venture too far from home, we’re all realising that our homes should be our sanctuary.

If you’re thinking about giving your home a spruce-up ahead of the entertaining season, we’ve got heaps of inspiration.

Picture: GI Art

Get Organised

The first step to feeling good about spending time at home is organisation. There’s plenty you can do to maximise every available nook and cranny so that all things have their place and you can feel calm from the moment you walk through the door.

Tackle your garage or storage shed first and then work your way through your home’s zones. Pay particular attention to the drawers, pantries and cupboards. Knowing things are in order even behind closed doors will help make your day-to-day life function much smoother.

If space is an issue, be creative and ask the experts for help.

Picture: The Wardrobe Man

Go Bold

Inject a bit of pizzazz into your home and show off the adventurous side to your personality by introducing a big, bold pattern.

If you’re worried that a splash of vitality like this isn’t a good idea because it could date, just think of the incredible buildings you find in places such as Morocco or Greece. If they can stand the test of time, so can your bold statement.

Pattern is an instant mood lifter and it is a tool used by designers who are not happy with a cookie-cutter approach. Mixing it up and choosing a pattern that reflects your personality will help you stamp your mark on your own space.

Look to the Sky

Studies have shown that exposure to natural light and sunshine elevate mood and help the body to fight infection.

In Australia, we are blessed with an abundance of natural light, so if your home feels a bit drab, one of the best ways to brighten up your space is to let more light in via a skylight.

Incorporating a skylight can also dramatically improve ambience. It provides a view of the sky and there’s lots of reasons to be happy about that. Watching the rain, a thunderstorm or a bright blue sky is good for the soul.

Choose Durability

There’s nothing worse than spending time on pesky maintenance, especially during holiday season.

So why not plan your makeover with the end goal of reducing the time required to keep things spick and span.

Instead of decking which requires a lot of maintenance, why not consider spectacular tiling around your pool area.

The same applies for hardwood floors inside – investigate options which give the look of timber but are more durable and easier to keep in tiptop shape.

Picture: Artis Flooring

Clear the Air

Now that you’ve got an organised space that’s light, bright and vibrant, round it out by adding some natural air.

Louvres were big in the 1950s before air-conditioning became commonplace.

And it is little wonder that most homes in Perth had them because they’re the perfect way to circulate air and make the most of the city’s famous sea breeze.

These clever creations have been given a welcome update and now add some architectural flair to any room.

Light it Up

Australians were a bit slow to cotton on to the benefits of lighting an interior properly and paying careful consideration to the different styles of lights and their varied functions.

But there is no better way to create night-time ambience in a home and improve its function than by adding some updated lighting solutions.

Picture: The Montauk Lighting Co. / Styling: Kate Walker Design / Photo: Armelle Habib

Express Yourself

Artwork can influence your mood and is the perfect way to introduce colour and vibrancy into a space.

It allows you to inject personality into your home. Choosing original artwork in particular means you have a unique piece to make the space completely your own.

How much art is too much? There’s no need to show restraint, we think you can never have too much of a good thing.

So collect to your heart’s content and when it comes to choosing art, pick the piece that speaks to your heart. On a budget? Look for emerging artists or make your own artwork.