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From moody hues and patterned textures to industrial inspiration – there is a kitchen style for everyone


Picture: Trager Kitchens & Interiors

Cupboard Colour

It all started when designers bucked the trend and installed dark under bench cupboards, mostly to create the illusion that benchtops were floating.

The results were striking, eye-catching and created a stir because neutral and white had been the go-to kitchen colour palette.

And now it seems, the design world can’t get enough of moody hues in the kitchen and bathroom. Black, grey, blue or green cupboards are making a real statement.

In open-plan living homes, a dark kitchen can delineate spaces, without a physical barrier.


Be on the lookout for clever surfaces featuring texture. We’re talking tiles, feature cabinets, benchtops and even appliances.

Incorporating shapes and textures into design adds interest and depth and allows ample opportunity for expression.

We all spend plenty of time in the kitchen, so there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be beautiful and interesting to look at.

Once you have cabinets and benchtops in place, add some pizzazz with interesting tiles and decorative feature pieces to create a space that reflects your unique style.

Picture: Dale Alcock Homes

Neutral Countertops

While cupboards and appliances are making a splash with bold statement colours, countertops remain neutral, with a definite nod to anything from the natural environment.

Think marble, stone, stainless steel and even timber – as long it is not too loud and it blends into the background.

Chef Knows Best

Home kitchen designers are starting to look to industrial kitchens for design cues. And with good reason, because industrial kitchens by their very nature are ergonomic, time-saving, effort-saving and robust.

Little wonder then that items such as built-in seamless sinks and pull-down industrial taps are big news.

If you’ve ever done dishes in the kitchen of a restaurant or cafe, you’ll know what we’re on about here.

Pull-down taps are a solid investment because they get the job done quickly and easily.

Industrial ovens, cooktops and commercial fridges and cool rooms are valuable inclusions  in busy home kitchens and in time they’ll pay for themselves, either in free time or reduced kitchen waste.

Picture: Town & Country Designs

Feature Lighting

Lighting does so much to improve ambience and personalise a space in one of the home’s most-used rooms.

Most kitchen designers will have feature lighting on the top of their must-have list because it is as functional as it is sculptural and that means visual appeal to the max.

Large benchtops provide the perfect place for dramatic pendants or even a single, large feature.

There’s also the added benefit of room delineation.

Let There be Light

Bring the outside in and make working in your kitchen seem much less like a chore. Connect to the outdoors if you have the opportunity by including some swoon-worthy awning windows.

When it is time to entertain or if you’re relaxing outside in the alfresco area, you can lift these windows for instant connectivity. Pass the canapes, please.

A window also makes a fantastic alternative to a splashback. It not only lets in ample light, it also provides the prettiest backdrop for cooking up a storm, especially if you plant a vertical garden opposite or if you’re lucky enough to have a good view. Makes doing the dishes a whole lot more tolerable.

Picture: Coast Homes

Picture: Coast Homes

Feature Tiling

Tiling has made a massive comeback and even the humble subway tile can be a work of art, there are endless opportunities for making your space unique by choosing a clever way to lay the tiles.

Herringbone and chevron designs are super popular right now but we also love beautiful tiles that are elegantly stacked either vertically or horizontally. Marble tiles make a spectacular and arty display and so do hand-glazed tiles of any size, especially if the glazing is irregular.

Hotel Opulence

For those who know their kitchen is the engine room of the home and are not afraid to admit it, there’s a swing towards adding bucket loads of elegance and even a touch of glamour. Because let’s face it, if you’re spending a lot of time in there, you should be able to enjoy it and there’s something wonderful about entertaining guests right where the action is unfolding.

To add some glam to your kitchen, think about the details. Beautiful tiling, opulent benchtops, gorgeous taps and amazing feature lighting can all add to the picture. Set up some aesthetically pleasing stools for the benchtop and you’re all set to go.

Keep it Sleek

There was talk about a decade ago that integrated kitchens were about to take centre stage but the idea never really took off in Australia like it did in Europe.

But these sleek kitchens are starting to make a regular appearance in Australian homes. Their clever design makes them incredibly easy to keep clean and tidy, because there’s no visible clutter, and there’s still plenty of opportunity to use them as the workhorse of the home.

Everything has its place and that makes things feel serene. When it comes time to get cooking, all the mod cons are easy to access and perfectly positioned.

Picture: Kitchen Capital

Moody Hues

If you’re going to follow the dark cabinetry trend (and who could blame you), make sure there’s plenty of natural and feature lighting so the whole space doesn’t feel like a black hole.

We love how black cabinetry slides into the background and creates that moody vibe but it’s even better when there’s a lot of gorgeous natural daylight on the scene too.

Surface Juxtaposition

There was a time not too long ago when matte surfaces, particularly dark ones, were really turning heads.

But designers have taken this a step further and instead of using only matte surfaces, highly shiny features are used as a contrast and the results are spectacular.

When you throw some rough texture or patterned texture in the mix as well, the visual appeal is undeniable.