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Here Comes the Sun

Get ready for summer by turning your backyard into a great outdoors


The imminent arrival of warm weather in Perth often signals a flurry of activity on the home front as people scramble to get their properties summer-ready.

The city’s enviable Mediterranean climate provides ample opportunities for fun in the sun and the sprawling landscape means many people have room in the backyard for a spectacular outdoor living zone.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your outdoor spaces.

Picture: Oswald Homes

Make a Connection

Seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces means you’ll get more out of each area, regardless of the weather.

Introducing swathes of glass and inventive doors to living areas will allow you to feel like you’re connected to the outdoors even when you are inside and it will also make indoor spaces look bigger.

There are now plenty of options for living areas and there’s a solution for every budget. Even sliding doors can be used to create a luxurious look or if you have the budget, think about bi-folds or innovative solutions suggested by a builder that are designed to get the absolute most out of all available space.

If you’re planning a build from scratch or a large renovation, you should also carefully consider placing lots of large windows in strategic locations throughout the home so that you can let in plenty of light and keep that indoor-outdoor connection.

Picture: Breezway

Get Grounded

If you’re looking for a durable, gorgeous and easy-care flooring option, consider decorative concrete. Not only does it look amazing, it is also cool underfoot, it’s anti-slip and you don’t have to do much to maintain it.

While the investment can be significant, it’s a one-off payment that will increase the value of the home and you won’t need to keep forking out funds to maintain it in premium condition.

Picture: Limecrete

Resort at Home

If you’re looking for the best ways to create a home that makes the best of outdoor living spaces, why not look to your favourite holiday hotspots for inspiration.

West Australians have long shown their appreciation for tropical destinations such as Bali where architecture is focused on outdoor living. And there’s no reason why some of that clever design can’t be used back in Australia.

Start by paying attention to the landscaping of pool areas to create a resort-style feel. These spaces should be considered another living area because when you think about it, they’re used a lot year round, even when it is too cold to swim.

Consider how you relate to the pool when you’re not in it, because creating spaces where you can relax in style means you get extra use out of the space.

Another way to give your home a resort feel is to consider design that allows rooms other than the living area to open up to the great outdoors.

Picture: Oliveri

Picture: NuStyle Shutters

Picture: The Housing Advisory Service

Splash Out

There’s no question that a pool is a magnet for family and friends, and modern pools can be maintained relatively easily.  If you’re planning on putting one in, make sure you consider its relationship with the rest of the house and alfresco areas.

Try to make the connection between living area and pool obvious by installing doors that open up to the space. Where possible, consider unobtrusive fencing so that your view of the water is not obstructed.

An incredible outdoor kitchen will be the cherry on top, and you’ll be surprised at how often it will be used. Cooking outdoors means less mess to clean up inside and you can keep cooking smells out in the open.


Don’t forget to furnish your outdoor space, just like any other room. Modern outdoor furniture is incredibly durable and functional, so you don’t have to worry that it won’t go the distance because it is exposed to the elements.

A fantastic outdoor dining setting is the ticket for alfresco mealtimes with family and friends. If you have the space, an outdoor lounge can provide a place to relax in the shade or sun.

Picture: GlobeWest / Roxby Lane