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Interior design trends for 2023: Kitchen Spaces

If you’re filling out your mood board or looking for inspo – we’ve got you!


With 2022 in the rearview mirror, for so many of us the past two years have brought the focus back to the home as a living space, an entertaining area, and as a place of work.

Unlike offices, interior design trends for the home are the opposite to utilitarian and communal – the home is where we can truly express ourselves in décor, furnishings, accessories, and colours.

The watchword in design circles has been that of sustainability. Upcycling, using natural materials, and reducing one’s carbon footprint – that interior design shouldn’t quite literally, “cost the Earth.”

If you’re filling out your mood board or looking for interior design inspo, we’ve put together some of the most cutting-edge interior design trends – and it really is a case of getting “back to nature.”

Choosing complimentary door fixtures means you can complete these new and innovative looks with elegance and ease. Read on to find out what you’ll be seeing in display homes and in new renovations throughout 2023.

In the Kitchen: Green is In

When it comes to green living, we mean the gorgeous colour! However, we also emphasise the more eco-conscious approaches to interior décor. An Australian twist on the Hampton look, gumnut and rustic greens will be all the rage in kitchens and indoor living areas.

This parallels the Biophilic Design philosophy, which is the practice of connecting people to the natural world.

Biophilic design extends to every facet of interior design, including tapware and door hardware. The idea is to make everything feel connected as a living organism – and natural steel, matte, or copper looks lend to that philosophy of a “living, breathing” room.

The green in cabinets, walls, and cupboards adds an element of calm and relaxation to any space – and being relaxed in one’s own cooking and meal sharing space is the ultimate expression of getting back to nature.

To complete the look, door hardware should also be on your mood board and design list. The premium Avant range from Gainsborough offers a straight, slimline profile that fits in well with greens – Satin Graphite and Brushed Satin Chrome blend seamlessly in any Biophilic design.

Better yet, you can install them in under thirty seconds!

Tapware that comes in rustic and outdoor-meets-indoor styles such as finishes in copper or brass evoke the majesty and magic of the bush while retaining a sophisticated, familiar feel.

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