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Having an idyllic place to either kickstart the day or relax and unwind is high on the list of priorities for many homeowners


Having an idyllic place to either kick-start the day in the right way, or relax and unwind from a hectic day is high on the list of priorities for many homeowners. Project builders pay special attention to designing display homes with luxurious bathrooms because they know these spaces help sell a home.

Home Base experts say creating a dream bathroom isn’t as tricky as you may think. With careful consideration of some key elements, it’s easy to create the look and feel of a luxury hotel right inside the walls of your own home.


Mel DeMelt from Town & Country Designs says one way to create luxury in a bathroom is choosing good quality tiles.

“Large format tiles can give the impression of luxury,” she says. “At the moment, everyone loves marble and it is easy to understand why. It is durable, beautiful and elegant and it makes every room look completely unique.”

Be practical

When it comes to planning a beautiful bathroom, there’s much more than meets the eye. The key to a great bathroom is space and functionality,” Dean Porter from WA Assett says.

“You need a well-designed room that is able to maximise its space.”

But there are lots of things that remain unseen that also need to be considered, he says.

“You also need to think about drainage and ventilation. There is no point in having the most amazing bathroom ever created if it does not function properly.”

Bathed in light

Everyone wants their bathroom to be drenched in natural light but it can come at a cost, according to Dean.

“Windows are a great way to let natural light flow into your bathroom,” he says. “But, where there’s light, there’s privacy considerations. A great way of keeping the natural light whilst keeping your privacy is the placement of windows towards the ceiling or adding a frosting effect.”

Soak it up

There’s probably no better way to unwind than slipping into a deliciously warm bath.

Mel says most people want a bath included in their renovation or new build and they also help with resale of the property down the track.

“Even if there’s no room for a big, indulgent free-standing bath, it is a good idea to get one in where possible,” she says. “There’s lots of good design solutions that can help people maximise their space, and that is why we always say it is worthwhile consulting an expert.”

“Mirrors are not only a great way to show off your style but they are also a great tool for lighting up a room as the natural light reflects off them and bounces around the room.

“We are also loving skylights right now. They’re a great way of letting in some great natural light, whilst also helping make your bathroom feel more spacious.”

Dean says placement of fixed lighting is crucially important to overall good bathroom design. “Placing fixed lighting behind features on the wall can reflect the light back off the tiles they’re placed on, allowing for light to bounce around the room, resulting in a brighter bathroom.”

Mel DeMelt agrees that lighting is really important and says it’s a good idea to include lights from different angles.

“Don’t just stop at ceiling lights, think about wall sconces and other types of feature lighting too,” she says.

To find out more, visit Town & Country Designs.