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How creating space for mum and dad became the inspiration for a beautiful communal home


Project: Mount Lawley | Devrite Custom Home Builders | Jay Mangano

A clever home design will complement your lifestyle and needs without compromise. This unique custom design by Devrite Homes of Distinction does just that.

The design and construction of the Mount Lawley home was necessary when it became obvious to the clients that caring for elderly parents living some distance away was never going to work.

Hip surgery and other health issues meant that the older couple could no longer maintain their Rockingham home. The geographical separation and heavy traffic was already a major concern for both generations, particularly in the event of an emergency.

The solution was to build a home that would also provide accommodation for both generations.

However, it wasn’t until discussions with Jay Mangano from Devrite were underway that the ‘tacked-on room out the back’ concept made way for a more friendly, integrated and homely design.

This was an exciting turning point, the brief changed completely, it went from just having a space for Mum and Dad to spend their elderly years, to a fully functioning and separate home to enjoy, together with the added security of knowing that help or assistance is close by.

What makes this home unique?

This home uniquely suits the style and social needs of a younger generation while offering Mum and Dad independent living space under the same roof.

The kitchen is open plan and designed to be on display when guests arrive. Fixtures and fittings including the glass splashback, under-cabinet strip lighting and the reflection of the outdoors make this a very inviting space to be in particularly at night.

The storage available in the kitchen area is abundant leaving the Caesarstone counter-tops devoid of clutter and appliances, fulfilling the owners desire of a kitchen designed to be the very centre of their home, allowing guests to be drawn into and share the culinary passion of their hosts.

Every little detail has been carefully incorporated into the design right down to a phone-charging niche cleverly hidden behind the island bench.

Double ovens were a must for the style and scale of entertaining that the younger couple enjoy.

A table seating up to 10 comfortably still leaves plenty of room for a spacious living area furnished with over-sized and comfortable couches and a big-screen television.

The clever zoning of the house allows the younger generation to entertain and socialise without disturbing the elderly parents who may want to retire to their beds early.

An alternative to a granny flat in the backyard

When viewing this home it is easy to forget that another entire home lies behind one communal door.

Entering the second home either through the communal door or its own front door, the contrast between the generations is evident only in their furnishings and possessions. The house has been designed to provide the parents with so much more than any granny flat could provide. The seamless blend of two homes is testimony to the skill and attention to detail provided by Devrite Homes of Distinction.

A full sized kitchen, two bedrooms, a study, a laundry, a powder room and a bathroom designed for safety and stability make this residence perfect for an elderly couple without any compromise on space, features or the design of the home.

How the windows and doors play a role in the clients requirements

On the top floor an alfresco/balcony area facing north with more seating and dining spaces lies beyond the Jason Windows glass stacking doors that can be left open to allow cooling summer breezes to enter the home or capture the sun’s warming rays during the winter months. The owners make great use of this balcony for morning coffee, dinner guests or a glass of wine at the end of the day. The family dogs also love the afternoon sun on the balcony.

Inside the home, no space is wasted and every vista of the surrounding areas and trees is captured in the large Jason Windows all through both houses.

To further enhance this effect, a large picture window at the top of the glass and timber staircase frames the natural beauty of the leafy canopy next door, while the surrounding trees create a vista from the upper floor kitchen, living and balcony areas.

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