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A subtle or bold change of colour in a room is a simple way to give a space a huge lift


Homeowners want their personal style reflected in the place they live and it is not unusual for those with an eye for trends and design to constantly change their spaces.

One of the best ways to alter the look and feel of a space is through the use of colour and painting walls in fresh colours can make a dramatic impact.

Dulux colour expert Andrea Lucena-Orr says part of her job is to study trends from around the world and to develop the company’s forecast by attending trade fairs in Europe, studying product and design innovation, colour finishes and emerging global designers.

“I source information locally and from overseas, analysing influences such as fashion, media, world events, technology and science, social fundamentals, financial economics and politics,” she says.

Dulux releases new colour palettes with each season to reflect the latest trends, colours and textures.

“A new colour palette helps to give your home a reflection of a new season and can be as simple as changing cushions to add a new colour in a living space,” Andrea says. “Also, changing a door colour is a quick painting project which immediately can give you a sense of changing seasons.”

She says even the most neutrally toned home can benefit from splashes of colour. “Many of these colours are very easy to adapt into everyday homes and lifestyles as many of them are from the neutral palette and we have the deeper and brighter variations for those seeking more colour. Colour is the easiest way to personalise a space and make it perfect for you and your lifestyle.”

Andrea says a simple change of a wall colour in a room can give it a huge lift, not only from a colour perspective but it can also make it feel clean and fresh.

“If you are looking at painting a home to add value or to help try and sell the home, it can be very cost effective to totally change the whole feel of the home and entice buyers by seeing the transformed home. Also, often new buyers love it when a home has nothing to be done,” she says.

Coloured or accent walls are still popular. “By painting one or two walls in a space, you can create a certain feel without being too overwhelming,” she says.

“By adding individual colour to a room or space, it can personalise this area and help the overall function and differentiation within the space, especially when dealing with large open areas which tend to be more common these days.

“Colour choice should always be based on the outcome you are trying to achieve. And thus before picking a colour it is important to decide what you are trying to achieve.

“Think about the overall ambience you want and do not think of colour as flat.

In-between spaces such as corridors and circulation spaces between rooms are often overlooked. They act as transition spaces and can add delight, linking spaces in the home.

“Above all, homeowners should remember that a fresh coat of paint is a simple and inexpensive way to add colour, personality and create a place where you feel comfortable, inspired and happy. It can highlight items you want to focus on and can camouflage the elements you wish to hide.

“Colour is so versatile and flexible and can empower a space or provoke a sense of tranquility. Colour plays a pivotal role in the home as it helps define the feeling and mood of a space and is so simple to create with a simple painting project.”

Australian designers are among the most trend-forward paint specifiers in the world, according to Taubmans, which has recently released a new fandeck.

“Australian designers are increasingly inspiring their clients to make bold choices in paint,” says head of marketing and trade Trevor Lowder.

“So we designed a fandeck which clearly presents both the classic and trend-driven colours.”

The  Colour Galaxy Fandeck features 1505 hand-selected shades.