Project Schedule Consultation (PSC)


The Project Schedule Consultation was implemented into the OBSN framework in July 2017 after successfully trialling the service. As well as an important document for new builds, we had identified an increase in owner-builders undertaking substantial renovations and felt that it was essential to provide a step by step guide to the construction process for their projects.

The consultant for the Project Schedule Consultations is Brent Wyatt. Brent brings 30+ years of construction experience and has the skillset to adapt each project schedule to meet the individual needs of the owner-builder and their personalised project.

The project schedule is a guide to construction of a project, based on trades performing the tasks at each stage. The schedule is produced as a user friendly Gantt chart within the Smartsheet platform and can be adapted easily, including recalibrating timeframes after any schedule changes. In addition, there may be parts of the construction process that you decide along the way to undertake in lieu of a tradesperson, which may affect the timeline for the project.

The Project Schedule Consultation (PSC)

Project Schedule Consultations are generally held on a Saturday morning at Home Base. You will be asked prior to the meeting to provide the following documentation if applicable to your build and if already in your possession;

  • Full set of plans – including site survey and engineering
  • Planning Approval correspondence
  • Energy assessment
  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment report
  • Geotechnical report
  • Soil classification
  • Wind classification

Please include photographs from your site. Include visual evidence of proximity to neighbours (this assists in the identification of potential dilapidation report requirements) and evidence of tree sizes for site access and / or demolition purposes.

For renovations, please include images of the proposed renovation area/s, include where possible images of eaves, roofing and cladding – as these can give a visual indication of possible asbestos.

Agenda Format for the PSC

Depending on the complexity of the project, we allow 60-90 minutes for the initial consultation, refer to the above agenda.

There is a two-week turnaround for the first draft of the Smartsheet Project Schedule to be provided. Brent will contact you directly to arrange a phone call follow up to go through the schedule and address any issues that arise. Once this has been finalised, the final version of the project schedule will be issued.


This is the cloud-based software that your project schedule is produced in. Access to your project schedule is provided free of charge for the duration of your build.

When to book your PSC

We encourage the Project Schedule Consultation to be booked at the early stage of the construction timeline and can be created using preliminary plans and elevations. Often, an early discussion around the buildability will give rise to other options to explore and further research to perform prior to finalising construction drawings. Also, identifying possible challenges earlier in the build can lead to alternative or composite cost saving construction systems, therefore the sooner the better is always the best practice.