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The details make all the difference as you create a serene and stylish bathroom


A sanctuary, a pamper palace, a personal spa… bathrooms have come a long way since the days of a quick shower and teeth brushing session.

And why shouldn’t we all have a little zen spot where we can relax and unwind, or prepare with ease for the busy day ahead.

If it’s time for you to update your bathroom or build a new one, here’s how to make it perfectly dreamy.

Picture: The Kitchen Door Company/Laminex


It’s true, big is best. You need a clear view to put your contacts in and make sure there’s no seeds stuck between your teeth so a tiny mirror really won’t cut it.

Mirrors are also more than just utilitarian. They bounce light and even if you are going for an oh-so-chic moody colour on the walls, you still need light (in fact if you are using black or dark blue or green, you will need even more light).

And finally, a mirror is a piece of art. Choose one in a shape you love – round is trending right now – and with a frame you love. A frame can add a certain element of fancy and if you’re trying to create a luxurious space, the details make all the difference.

Picture: Dulux Wrixton House, Lynne Bradley Interiors. Photography: Anson Smart


If it has been a while since you renovated or built, you’ll be blown away by all the tile choices now.  Large-format tiles are popular because they’re beautiful, luxurious and easy to clean (bye-bye grout).

On the other hand, who wouldn’t be drawn to tiny tessellated tiles in hexagons or butchers tile laid in a gorgeous herringbone shape, or cut marble?

Patterned tiles on the floor are making a big comeback, especially if they are hand-painted or made in Europe where style is in the genes.

Metallic tiles are starting to get a look in now too. Don’t go heavy-handed – when it comes to features like this, less is always more.

Don’t forget to consider grout too. If you’re choosing a light-coloured tile, a dark contrasting grout can take the whole look from meh to yeah!

Picture: Town & Country Designs


Who would have thought it was possible to get excited about cabinets in a bathroom? But if you’re a keen interiors trend watcher, you have likely been doing just that.

Because slick, beautifully crafted bathroom cabinets really are a spectacle to behold, especially if they are made from beautiful Australian timbers.

If you find someone who can create gorgeous timber cabinets, we guarantee you will want to sneak into that bathroom to run your hand over the silky-smooth surfaces.

If you have the option, hanging is best. Fixing your cabinets this way is elegant as well as easy to clean underneath.

Beautiful cabinets are the epitome of bathroom luxury, even more so than a super-soaker tub. So invest.


You shouldn’t install one or two overhead lights and then expect your new bathroom to be the functional, gorgeous retreat you always imagined. And who would want to stop at LED downlights when there are so many beautiful pendants and wall sconces so readily available.

Consult an expert when choosing your bathroom lighting, because the key to doing it right is layering. You need light to come from a range of sources and you will want to be able to choose when you use it.

Getting ready at the mirror, you will want as much light as possible but relaxing in a deep bath will call for you to dim the switches.


If you’re going the whole hog on a gorgeous bathroom renovation, set some of your budget aside for good-quality tapware.

Don’t be tempted to settle with chrome taps without investigating all the options.

If you haven’t renovated or built for a while, you will be surprised by the myriad of options now available.

It is quite astounding how something as simple as changing the colour of the taps can make such a big difference to a room.

Black, brass and gold taps are all very popular at the moment.

Picture: James Hardie

Picture: James Hardie

Luxurious Extras

If there’s room for a large soaker tub, then go for it. But don’t do it at the expense of having a functional space.

Think about raising or lowering the tub. Both add a sense of drama and help to create a resort-like feel.

Walk-in showers with no hobs and either glass doors or no doors are still top of the most-wanted list and scream relaxed elegance and glamour.

But don’t despair if space is tight because small bathrooms can also pack a punch, you just need to keep an open mind and be creative (or get an expert to be creative for you). There’s a lot of tips and tricks you can use to make a small space seem more spacious.