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As you make your home into your haven, surround yourself with the looks you love


Now that we’re spending more time at home than ever before, whether that is new-found options for work-from-home or travel restrictions prompting more in-house downtime, it seems entirely valid to create interiors that shine.

Create your own beautiful space by taking inspiration from clever ideas spotted in homes that align with your own aesthetic. If you incorporate things that truly speak to your heart, rather than what you see in catalogues and campaigns, you’ll future proof your design.

If in doubt, seek the help of a stylist but be prepared by gathering pictures that demonstrate the types of things you like. Here’s our guide to help get the creative juices flowing.

When you walk into any room, a large amount of the feels you get comes from the floor. As you consider the colour and texture of a room, the tone is partly set by what’s underfoot.

Flooring provides the perfect opportunity for expression. Whether you want to show your appreciation for craftsmanship, clever design and natural beauty with a timber parquetry floor or you want to throw a nod to industrial chic with a beautiful concrete floor that develops a patina over time, it pays to give careful consideration to the floor.

Picture: Artis Flooring

When you think about it, it seems strange to go to great lengths to cover up beautiful workmanship. Exposed brickwork is making a comeback and for good reason.

Picture: Smart Homes for Living

When done right, moody, dark colours can be impactful, elegant and comforting. Wattyl says tinted blacks and saturated darks create a cocoon, shielding a home’s inhabitants from outside pressures. Richer, darker tones feel luxurious and peaceful.

Picture: HQ Paint & Deco

Picture: HQ Paint & Deco

Nothing screams luxury more than custom cabinetry. Not only can it be used to conceal and store but it also makes your space function for your specific needs. And if it’s done right, it can double as decor, creating interest, showcasing beautiful materials and adding another dimension to walls and floors.

Picture: TM Kitchens

Gone are the days when feature lights were simply a practical element of a new build or renovation. Gorgeous lighting is now considered functional art and if you pay close attention to the homes that have undeniable magnetism, they all feature incredible lighting.

Allocating a lighting budget to your new build or renovation will ultimately help make your space feel bespoke and homely.

Picture: The Montauk Lighting Co. | Interiors: Greg Peg Interiors | Photo: Gathering Light

One piece of feature art can transform a room, creating mood, vibrancy and a talking point for guests.

Art is also an investment, especially if you’re good at picking talent among emerging artists.

And don’t stop with the walls, pick gorgeous accessories and soft furnishings that reflect your own personal style.

Picture: Greenhouse Interiors