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Organisation is key – get started with these expert tips


When it comes to spending money on our homes, storage isn’t often top of our priorities list. But a home that is clutter free and well organised has a better ambience and its owners will feel more relaxed.

Here are our top tips for getting your place sorted, according to Caroline Powney from Alliance Robes.

Integrate It
Beautiful cabinetry adds character, style and soul to a home. Custom-designed cabinetry is always preferable to a one-size-fits-all approach because it is tailored to individual needs, Caroline says.

By matching profiles to existing skirtings and cornices the cabinetwork will look as if it was built with the original home.

Art of Placement
The idea is to be able to see and reach everything. For regular use items, put them at eye level. Occasional use items should be placed lower down, while sentimental items can be stored either higher up or displayed on shelves or in glass cabinets.

Time for Reflection
Doors with mirrors give the illusion of space but they don’t have to be the frameless aluminium type. Make a statement and add personality with custom-made doors.

Modular Option
Modular wall storage systems can be used to solve storage problems in workshops, garages and home offices. Their clip-on grid systems are easy to install.

They come with an assortment of baskets, shelves and hooks and have sliding brackets which enable the installation of baskets of various widths and depths. Some companies even offer a Wine Rack kit that comes with short rails and three bottle racks and can store up to 15 bottles.

Welcome Home
Drop zones just inside the main entrance of the home are a welcome addition. These are a fantastic place to store jackets, school items, sports bags, shoes, boots and small outdoor toys. Caroline says the key is keeping the drop zone’s cabinet work in the style of the home.

Stash It
Under stair storage is the perfect spot for storing seasonal belongings, including Christmas decorations. Caroline says it can also be the ideal place for a sneaky home office.

To find out more, visit Alliance Robes or the showroom at Home Base.